Tigers Getting Returns on Purchasing Anthony Fenech

By Jeff Moss
July 6, 2019

Earlier this week, the CEO of Phantom Fireworks had a meeting with our Imbecile-in-Chief Donald Trump. During that meeting, the hero executive of rednecks everywhere, Bruce Zoldan, donated $750,000 of explosives for the dictator-in-training’s July 4th spectacular.

Coincidentally, the same exact day that Zoldan made his generous donation to the separator of families, Trump announced that he was postponing the planned $300 billion of tariffs (read: taxes on American consumers) on Chinese goods. Of course, one of the many products China imports to the USA is FIREWORKS.

The ramifications for fireworks companies would have been disastrous as illustrated by this article in The Hill ……

This is business as usual for the scumbag who promised to “drain the swamp”, as Trump has never missed a chance for a quid pro quo in his life.

All of which leads us to today’s headline in the Detroit Free Press from Tigers beat writer Anthony Fenech ……

Now, the relationship between the Detroit Tigers and an alleged “journalist” paid to cover the team might not have the geopolitical consequences as turning a blind eye to the Saudi Royal Family’s dismemberment of a Washington Post reporter in exchange for future Middle East/Trump/Kushner business opportunities, but it’s pretty atrocious nonetheless.

The DetroitSportsRag has learned through multiple sources that Fenech took a gift earlier this year from the Tigers organization in the approximate amount of $4,000.00 when the team invited him to participate in their annual Fantasy Camp in Lakeland, Florida.

As you probably know, before every Spring Training, the Tigers offer their fans a chance to hob-knob with former players, culminating with games played in Tigertown with ex-greats like Alan Trammell, Dan Petry and Frank Tanana.

According to the team’s website, the Fantasy Camp costs $3,550 plus Florida sales tax and room and board.

Fenech made no secret of his attendance this past February. Not only did he post about it on social media, he penned an article about the experience for the Freep. He even took embarrassing photographs of himself in the uniform of the TEAM HE FUCKING COVERS FOR A LIVING ….

I mean, this would all be bad enough if Fenech had gone to the Fantasy Camp on his own dime or if the Freep had reimbursed the Tigers. But once again, according to my sources this vacation for Fenech was free gratis™  (Al Swearengen).

And to make matters worse, Fenech and the subjects he covers for a paycheck, including that dumpster fire of a pitcher Jordan Zimmermann, hee-hawed it up about Fenech’s experience.


And just like the above-referenced transactional politics, Fenech has paid back the team with positive articles about a franchise currently on pace for an 108-loss season amidst turbulent rebuild.

The compromised dipshit has spent the entire season attempting to sell his readers on Al Avila’s reclamation project with absolutely zero criticism of the GM’s horrendous trades, free-agent signings and non-first round draft choice disasters.

Fenech did the expected earlier this morning in posting an article defending Chris Ilitch‘s decision to give Avila a contract extension when the bumbling executive still had another year on his deal.

While his cohort at the paper Shawn Windsor eviscerated the move and the Freep ran another article about the irate fan reaction to the asinine extension, Fenech ran his normal interference for the Parking Lot King of Detroit and Avila.

Of course Fenech wrote this piece. The DSR has also been advised by multiple sources in the Detroit media that Fenech is Avila’s handpicked local errand boy. Between the scoops the front office leaks Fenech and expensive camp experiences, this derelict wasn’t about to bite the hand that feeds him.

Instead of giving a portrait of Avila’s transactions since taking over the team in August of 2015, Fenech decided to opine on Avila’s view of a sunset from his patio and provide details about Avila’s plans with his wife and grandchildren during the All-Star break.

Fenech then ended the post with this beauty: “But given the progress made, the contract extension was merely confirmation of was expected: Avila is the Tigers’ guy to see the process through.”

The column didn’t mention the disastrous return for J.D. Martinez.

It didn’t reference that Avila dealt Justin Upton for a guy who has ALREADY RETIRED.

There was not a single paragraph regarding the weak return for Justin Verlander or that Avila is still paying JV $8 million** this season to put up Cy Young numbers for the Astros.

(** — One has to wonder if Astros GM Jeff Luhnow called up Avila this past winter and asked if the Tigers would be willing to put up another $16 million for the tw0-year, $66 million contract extension the future Hall of Famer signed with Houston.)

There was nothing about Jeimer Candelario’s development …. or lack thereof. And definitely nothing like this ….

Or anything like this Tweet comparing Avila to other GM’s who took over their franchises at a similar time ….

Nope. Just a regurgitation of the company line from the moron who thinks it’s a good idea to get photographed wearing the company uniform. The Tigers have purchased the Freep’s beat writer covering them for the price of a slot at an old-timer’s camp and a few breaking news pieces. But who the fuck could have ever seen this coming?

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Oh. Right. It’s shocking that a guy who once sexually harassed a co-worker at his college newspaper; drove super-drunk and got into an injury car accident in a PT Cruiser; made misogynstic and racist Tweets on social media; and who got into a sexual relationship with a co-worker that led said woman to get transferred to Nashville would end up a disaster.

Before posting this article, I sent a text message to Fenech asking for his response to the accusations in this story. As of this writing, Fenech has not responded. Maybe I should get Sour Shoes to ask him.

I have also emailed the sports editor of the paper (Chris Thomas) to ask why the Freep would allow their beat writer to accept the cost of a decent engagement ring as a gift from the Detroit Tigers.

I will let you know when one of them responds. Or when hell freezes over. Or when the Tigers win a World Series.

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