Anthony Fenech is a Disingenuous Piece of Shit

I woke up this morning fully believing that I had written my last Brad Ausmus related article ever. I have a backlog of topics I need to get to (an update on a DSR Investigation, Kellie Rowe, preparation for the next “TV” show, etc.) and the last topic I wanted to broach ever again was the Tigers’ current manager.

But I am compelled to post this entry today due to the revisionist history that scumbag Free Press beat writer Anthony Fenech posted overnight on that paper’s website.

The headline screamed “Detroit Tigers parted ways with Brad Ausmus 2 years too late” and I started wondering who at the Freep could have written it. Obviously not Mitch Albom, who has been a longtime Ausmus loyalist. Nor could it have been dead Drew Sharp. I figured it might have been George Sipple since he’s never been a big fan of the Mimbo from Dartmouth, but I was absolutely flabbergasted when I learned it was Fenech.

Now, folks who read this website know the scoop on Fenech. He’s a moron who once flipped over his PT Cruiser while driving SUPER drunk, causing an injury accident. He also is the human debris who once sexually harassed a co-worker at, telling an unsuspecting female student journalist that he was better looking than her ugly boyfriend while trying to get in her pants via Facebook Messenger.

And of course, he also was involved in a workplace affair in which he was fucking a superior of his in the Freep’s parking lot, which eventually led to his paramour’s departure from the paper.

(Or Paramore. “Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone …. Just the one two of us is counting on … that never happens …. I guess I am dreaming again ….. let’s be more than this.” Fenech and Stefanie Murray should have taken that advice instead of doing it in their cars. Now, back to crushcrushchrushing this moron.)

Because of all of Fenech’s personable foibles, the fact that he is an absolute liar sometimes gets overlooked at this site. The best example of this came back in 2015 when the Tigers were contemplating having their first trade deadline fire sale. Fenech wrote articles and posted podcasts in which he insisted the Tigers should not deal David PriceYoenis Cespedes and Joakim Soria and build towards the future, instead insisting the team should idiotically “go for it.”

Then, when Dave Dombrowski did unload all three of his pending free-agents, Fenech did a complete 180 and stated that this was a great idea and he had agreed with it all along. Even though there was copious evidence that Fenech was full of shit.

Well, “The Beast” has done it again — which is what occurs when a struggling paper hires a cheap dipshit with no moral compass to cover the Tigers. Here are some quotes from Fenech’s article today in which he claims Ausmus should have been fired in 2015.

In talking with people inside the Tigers’ organization over the past three seasons, the notion that Ausmus was not the right manager for this team often was repeated.

It became clear by late last season, when the Tigers fell 2 ½ games short of the second American League wild-card spot. Early this season, as they struggled to find consistency from the start, it became even more clear: Avila’s words of a new approach and fresh start came 2 years too late.

Ausmus, a player’s manager to a fault, was not the right fit for a team that needed more conviction than comfort from a leader.

After an injury-riddled and still flawed team came up short last season, Avila made the mistake again, exercising Ausmus’ contract option for 2017.

Ausmus was well-liked by Tigers players. But perhaps that was part of the problem. Oftentimes he blended in as one of the guys, a former player recently removed from his playing days who routinely would field ground balls during pregame workouts.

Avila is lauded by his employees for his loyalty, which can explain why Ausmus survived his first managerial stint without getting fired. The two had grown close over time and became friends, as Ausmus put it. But in the end, that loyalty is a big reason why the Tigers have nothing to show for the past two seasons.

By reading those quotes from his article this morning you would think that Fenech had been banging the drum for the dismissal of Ausmus for years. Well, that is the polar opposite of reality. And we have a longerpaper trail than the feds did in “Casino” when finding the mob’s books at that Kansas City market.

Here is Fenech from last season regarding Ausmus’ job status.

Almost a year ago, this fucktard penned a column stating that Ausmus deserved another year. Today, he is writing:

It became clear by late last season, when the Tigers fell 2 ½ games short of the second American League wild-card spot. Early this season, as they struggled to find consistency from the start, it became even more clear: Avila’s words of a new approach and fresh start came 2 years too late.

Became clear to WHOM?????? Not to you, dopey. How dare you criticize Al Avila for keeping Ausmus “two years” too long when you wrote THIS last October:

With all the twists and turns this season has brought the Tigers, and with all the injuries they have incurred, Ausmus deserves credit for steering a ship that has leaned so heavily on unproven youth within striking distance of October success. There are growing pains as a manager, and Ausmus has gone through them. From the view in the press box, the game does not appear as fast to him as it did early. He has managed more proactively than reactively this season and, most important, he has excelled at managing a clubhouse full of players of different experience levels, ethnic backgrounds and pay grades — the most important job for a manager.

What world are we living in? Do words no longer have ANY meaning? Did this derelict think I wasn’t going to dig up this quote of his from last year? ….

A decision will not be made public until after the season, Avila said recently, which could be today, tomorrow or three weeks from now. To this point, it has not been made private, Ausmus said Saturday. But the best decision — the easy decision and expected decision — is that Ausmus will return for a fourth season.

I. Fucking. Mean.

But it actually gets worse. Fenech wrote a column TWO YEARS AGO in the middle of that horrific 2015 season defending Ausmus and stating the team’s collapse wasn’t his fault …..

Here are just some of Fenech’s quotes from that article in 2015 in which he goes to bat for a manager who TODAY he states should have been fired BACK THEN!!!!!

Night after night, Ausmus wasn’t handed the cards to play for consistent victories.

Since he arrived in Detroit, branded unfairly as the perfect blend of statistical analysis in the dugout and fresh perspective in the clubhouse, Ausmus has navigated a steady ship on a daily basis.

After an 18-year playing career, Ausmus, 46, understands the day-to-day grind of a baseball season and the psyches of the players that play 162 up-and-down games a season, and his calm and cool demeanor never showed the slightest bit of concern or worry at every turn when there was one this season.

It isn’t Ausmus’ fault the team lacked the pitching to compete. It’s his fault that the team stopped competing at times. 

He is a smart baseball man. He will get another baseball job.

This is why I have operated the DetroitSportsRag for nearly 15 years. This shit is exactly the reason why I will continue to maintain this space until the day I croak. If not for this website, this waste of space would get away with blatantly lying to the public. Who else would call Fenech on this revisionism?


And this is all Detroit Sports Media 101. These sackless, clown beat writers defend the manager or coach they cover for years in order to maintain a friendly work environment with their subject — in an effort not to lose any access — and then, the minute that person is out the door, they start throwing dirt on the grave.

Look, a journalist only has one thing that he or she can’t afford to lose. His credibility.

And this imbecile has absolutely none.

The funniest part of all of this is when I had Sour Shoes from “Howard Stern Show” fame prank Fenech as “Mad Dog” Russo back in July of 2015, Fenech defended Ausmus to Sour and stated the Tigers should not have a fire sale.

Seriously, when will the Free Press put an end to this madness?

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