Anthony Fenech No Longer Works At the Freep

The has been able to confirm that Tigers’ Detroit Free Press beat writer Anthony Fenech no longer works at the paper. Fenech’s dismissal from the Freep ends a bizarre saga regarding his employment there.

While we still have no idea where Fenech is (he hasn’t Tweeted since July of 2020 and his last Freep article was posted August 28th), we do have some interesting tidbits of Fenech’s last few months at the daily.

The DSR has learned through multiple industry sources that Fenech’s problems started at the end of the 2019 baseball season. The Freep believed that Fenech had not been acting responsibly in his duties as the Tigers’ beat writer.

Which is a bizarre twist since in August of 2019, the paper’s sports editor Chris Thomas posted a lengthy defense of Fenech when former Tiger great Justin Verlander refused to be in Fenech’s presence while in the clubhouse of Minute Maid Park in Houston.

But I was told that Fenech’s juvenile behavior led to Fenech being removed from the Tigers’ beat and placed on Detroit Pistons’ coverage. This occurred when human bowling ball Vince Ellis left the Freep to become a full-time propagandist for Tom “The New Jim Crow” Gores on the Pistons’ website.

(No word if Pistons’ employees are charged $20 for a 20 minute phone call from the team’s Henry Ford practice facility.)

Anyway, being moved from the Tigers to the Pistons was seen by the paper and by Fenech as a demotion.

But something occurred between the time of the slapdown and Fenech actually beginning the Pistons gig full time. Somehow, Fenech received a last-minute reprieve from Thomas and ended up back covering the Tigers. But in true Fenech fashion, he fucked that up as well.

I have been told the last straw was when the baseball season reconvened in July after the COVID-19 delay.

Fenech brought pizza to the park to share with lord knows who during the team’s training camp at Comerica, which was a violation of the strict COVID protocols put in place by the team.

It seems he compounded the issue with another prank the next day regarding pizza and that soon after these HILARIOUS hijinks, Fenech was removed from the Tigers’ beat and placed on the “Breaking News” desk.

But after having that job at the paper for a few weeks, Fenech disappeared off the face of the Earth.  I have been told by several acquaintances of Fenech that he is not answering text messages and that phone calls to his cell go directly to voicemail.

He hasn’t been on his PlayStation in a long time either!!!!!

So, since Verlander labeled Fenech unprofessional and unethical, Fenech has been demoted by his paper; given a last-minute reprieve; demoted again from his precious Tigers’ beat and has fallen off the planet.

I am not sure that JV needed any vindication but considering the massive amount of negative press he received from the Blue Checkmark Baseball Twitter Brigade when he had Fenech barred in the summer of 2019, you can add this notch to his Cy Young awards, his MVP, his World Series title and his marrying a Super Model.

Years ago, I famously wrote that the Fenech experiment at the Free Press would end in some sort of calamity and as Tom Reagan once famously said in Miller’s Crossing ….


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