Mike Valenti’s “Ellen Problem”

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few weeks, you probably have heard the news about the “Ellen Degeneres Show.” Three producers were fired from the daytime talk-show on Monday after a Buzzfeed article detailed an abusive workplace on the set of one of the more popular shows on TV.

A lot of the alleged misconduct on the set of Ellen’s program has been vague (the star comedian didn’t want people looking her in the eye, staff was mentally abused by superiors, etc.) But the details dripping out in the wake of the Ellen scandal seem to pale in comparison to revelations made by former 97.1 The Ticket host Terry Foster earlier today on his blog.

As you may recall, Foster used to co-host the #1 rated sports show in Detroit, “Valenti and Foster” with partner Mike Valenti. In August of 2016, Foster suffered a debilitating stroke that took him off the air for the rest of the year. He returned early in 2017 and only appeared for three months before retiring and accepting a buyout with the station.

The circumstances surrounding Foster’s departure were always questionable as Foster stated at the time the decision was amicable, but we are leaning now from T-Fos that the parting was anything but.

Based on a large number of texts, emails, Facebook posts I received from my readers back in 2017 when Foster returned to the studio, it was my opinion that Valenti never wanted Terry to return. He enjoyed hosting the program alone and made Foster’s life miserable upon return from his near death experience.

I received a lot of crap like this from listeners of their show:

In fact, I didn’t buy any of the niceties that everyone was throwing around back in 2017 when Foster left. I had a couple of sources telling me that Valenti had basically run Foster out of the job. I even wrote an article about it back on April 20, 2017 titled “Terry Foster Retires and Mike Valenti Has Blood on His Hands.”

This is a snippet of what I wrote way back when ….

Well, I didn’t have any evidence to support my theory back in 2017, but Foster all but confirmed it today in his blog.

Imagine working with a guy for almost 15 years and not visiting him in the hospital after a major stroke!!!! What kind of person is Valenti to do something like that?????? I made Foster my personal piñata for a decade (I probably wrote 20 articles alone on his failed restaurant endeavors), but I had the decency to stop all of that once he got sick. Hell, I even texted him to get better after the stroke.

What did Valenti and Mike Sullivan do? They mocked him. Made fun of him for being slow. Their behavior was reprehensible then and now that we know for a fact this was causing Foster to get ILL, you have to wonder what ramifications if any Valenti will face.

(Sullivan left the show recently so he could get golf balls driven off his nuts so nothing can be done about that imbecile.)

Just read what Foster had to say about doing the show upon his return with that pair:

“Instead I got sick after every show. Although I was on a low sodium diet, eating grilled fish and steamed pea pods just about every day, my blood pressure began boiling by the second hour of each show.

My head pounded. My blood pressure spiked. My drive from the station to my house was just 16 minutes, but I was barely making it home without falling asleep. I’d take my blood pressure and read startling numbers like 192/110. 201/100. One time I celebrated because my blood pressure after one show was only 182/95.”

Jesus Fucking Christ.

If people got fired from Ellen’s show for shit that was lampooned on “The Larry Sanders” show 20 years ago, what happens when you discover your employees ran a stroke victim off the air?????

Although it doesn’t seem that anyone at Entercom cares. They just hired a guy in Rico Beard to basically replace Foster three years after the fact who had his own workplace bullying issues himself.

When I sent 97.1 PD Jimmy Powers the following email I received from a former intern who worked with Beard back in Lansing, I received absolutely ZERO response.

A former INTERN allegedly was physically threatened by Beard and mentally abused to the point where he was supposedly suspended and 97.1 hires this guy and refuses to address the accusation?

Valenti bullies a stroke victim out of a gig and Beard allegedly tells an unpaid kid he is going to see “the back of my hand.” These two seem to deserve each other.

Since Powers refused to respond to the email I sent about Beard, I guess I will just forward all of this to Entercom’s Market Manager Debbie Kenyon and their HR Manager Rhonda Brooks

We will see if anyone at the station wants to address these issues.

In the meantime, I’ll be making some popcorn and will be waiting for this ….