Where in the World Was Anthony Fenech?


By Jeff Moss
August 31, 2016

For a week Detroit Free Press beat writer Anthony Fenech was M.I.A. He wasn’t covering the Tigers. That job was mostly handled by George Sipple in “The Beast’s” absence. Competently so, I might add.

There was no sign of Ant™ (Sour Shoes) on Twitter during that time period, either. Of course, with Fenech’s checkered past, this led to wild speculation by my irresponsible and cynical followers.

Had Fenech violated the terms of a Personal Protection Order?

Did he send another P.T. Cruiser airborne?

Had he just overslept for an entire week?

Did he sexually harass another co-worker, causing the Freep to suspend him or can his ass?

Did he overdose on Proactiv?

Did he hit on the wrong guy’s wife at a bar and was he now sleeping with the fishes?

Had he been arrested by the Grammar Police, he said?

No, no no, no, no, no and no.

The answer as to Fenech’s whereabouts isn’t salacious at all — just highly unlikely.

According to a familial acquaintance, Fenech was actually on VACATION. (Until we got this tip we were considering hiring Rockapella to track down Fenech.)


In Europe.

Yes, in the middle of a pennant race, the Freep’s Tigers writer took a week-long vacation from the job. Since discovering this I have talked to several journalists on sports beats and they are incredulous that ….

A) As a baseball reporter, Fenech would beg off at the end of August.

B) Sports editor Kevin Bull would allow it.

Maybe the paper just doesn’t value Fenech’s work and didn’t give a rat’s ass if he traveled the Atlantic and disappeared while the Tigers were chasing a playoff bid.

One mystery was solved though. Fenech hasn’t covered the Tigers/Blue Jays series in Toronto since he got the gig replacing John Lowe. So we now know he has a passport.

Maybe Europe is just more lax about past D.U.I. convictions than Canada.

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