Who is Dumber? The Free Press or Anthony Fenech????

By Jeff Moss
July 29, 2015

I really thought I was done with Detroit Free Press Tigers beat writer Anthony Fenech last week when I humiliated him on a Podcast with the assistance of Howard Stern whack packer, Sour Shoes.

But it would appear that the ongoing saga of this in-over-his-head douchebag will never end. After the Sour Shoes prank, DSR investigative reporter Mihir Bhatnagar decided it would be funny to see if Fenech had any inappropriate or ignorant Tweets buried in his timeline.

I would have figured this DUMMY would have cleaned up any embarrassing social media missives when he was hired at the Freep or, at the VERY LEAST, when he was promoted to the Tigers beat.

Especially when the hipster dumb ass knows the DSR has made him one of our favorite targets. Well, I was wrong. And not only did Mihir find unsuitable Tweets from Fenech, he found a TREASURE TROVE.

Fenech making light of the time he drove drunk and flipped over a PT Cruiser.

Fenech publicly taking a shot at the co-worker he sexually harassed at CM Life via inappropriate Facebook messages. Not only did he call the girl’s boyfriend ugly AGAIN, he derisively called the woman a “ginger.”

Fenech discussing Asian girls and calling them “orientals.” Ummm, you are supposedly a writer and you don’t know that “orientals” is the proper nomenclature ONLY when discussing rugs?

(I am sure Fenech would respond by saying these girls he is creeping on didn’t build the railroads.)

Fenech Tweeting out every perverted thought that pops into his empty head.

Fenech having the audacity to mock someone else for drunk driving with the hasthtag “Fail.” Did the guy forget that he drove a PT Cruiser drunk and crashed it into another car while having a .21 BAC?

Fenech discussing his love for Brandon Inge.

Fenech mentioning hitting on girls with boyfriends — a constant theme of his life whether his victim is “Kitten” or a Downriver girl at Brooklyn’s.

Anyway, here they are in all their glory.




There are actually a ton more that we didn’t post. Maybe we will one day, but we didn’t want to overwhelm you.

All of this begs the question, did the Freep investigate this lunatic’s past before promoting him? Did they read these Tweets and think, “Yep, that’s the guy we HAVE TO replace John Lowe with!!!”

Was he just too lazy to go and delete this crap? How many times has it been hammered into the millennial’s skull that everything he does on social media could come back to bite him in the ass professionally?

Or maybe Fenech just knew the that Free Press was so desperate to replace Lowe with the cheapest option that even his embarrassing behavior — both in real life and on the Internet — just didn’t matter at all.

What a beast.