Chris McCosky Has a New BFF and His Name Is “Gardy”

Last September when it was announced that the Detroit Tigers would part ways with manager Brad AusmusDetroit News beat writer Chris “Officer Barbrady” McCosky penned an extraordinary article that infuriated local sports fans AND several of his co-workers at the paper.

In his piece, the submissive, company line “journalist” wrote the following:

Yep, McCosky copped to the fact that he didn’t write a piece for his EMPLOYER because he was worried that posting said column would have led to Al Avila firing Ausmus on the spot!!!!!

This compromised fuckstick was more concerned with protecting the subject of a potential piece than doing his god damn job.

“And I knew if I wrote a story in early September that Ausmus probably didn’t want to come back, if I’d written that story before he and Avila talked, Avila might have pulled the plug on him right then and there.”

This was an absolutely SHOCKING revelation from a man paid to cover the Tigers for a living. That article should have been pulled by an editor at the News and Barbrady should have been fired on the spot. But that disclosure wasn’t even the worst part of McCosky’s public admission of dereliction of duty.

Get a load of this ……

This was a MAJOR, MAJOR story on McCosky’s beat and he once again REFUSED to write about it. Again, he put his FEELINGS for Ausmus ahead of his duty to his audience. This is what I wrote about this despicable behavior last September ….

And all aspects of this Rondon issue would be pertinent information to News readers, including:

1] Tigers players being irate regarding a call-up of a teammate.

2] Ausmus’ disagreement with Avila over the transaction.

3] A current player telling McCosky that the move was so TOXIC that Ausmus should QUIT over it!!!!!

4] Ausmus basically shoving the move in Avila’s face by placing Rondon (a dude Ausmus didn’t think should be on the roster) in the most high leverage of relief situations.

That is a crazy fucking story and McCosky buried it in a shallow grave until the announcement was made that Ausmus was gone. I have read that original McCosky article a dozen times and I still can’t fathom how it ever saw the light of the day. And I am not alone. As I wrote earlier, SEVERAL people at the paper in a variety of positions were incredulous that the article ….

A) Was posted.

B) Never was removed.

So why am I bringing this to your attention five months later at the beginning of Spring Training?

Well, the Tigers have hired a new manager and McCosky already has his tongue shoved right up Ron Gardenhire’s ass treeks.

It’s no surprise that the coward writer who has fellated every person in a position of power — from Joe Dumars to Rick Carlisle to Mike Babcock to Ausmus — that he was engaged to cover as a journalist with the News would already be subservient to Gardenhire, but this might be an all-time low.

“Gardy wins.”

“Gardy said …”

“Gardy not a fan …”

Gardy??????? The man’s name is Gardenhire. He’s the manager of the baseball team you allegedly cover. And you have already referred to him as “Gardy” on Twitter 28 times since he was hired and the man hasn’t even managed a regular season game in Detroit yet.

Gardy? That’s an affectionate nickname, not how you are supposed to refer to a subject you are reporting on.

This would be no different than Red Wings’ beat writers using the names “Malts” or “Drapes.” Now that I think about it, those eunuchs probably did.

This is an absolute joke. Can you imagine if Chad Livengood or Jim Schaefer constantly referred to Rick Snyder as “Snydes” or to Bill Schuette as “Schuettes”?

Do you want to know how embarrassing McCosky’s behavior is? His counterpart at the Free Press (Anthony Fenech) is a millennial douche bag who once sexually harassed a co-worker at a newspaper. He also flipped over a PT Cruiser while super drunk on an expressway. And then joked about the injury accident on Twitter. 

Fenech has the absolute worst Twitter feed of any Detroit sports media personality.

Yet, do a search for Fenech and “Gardy” on Twitter and this is what you get …..

I mean, when you are LESS professional than this guy …..

……. you might want to think about calling it quits.

Chris McCosky should not be covering the Tigers for the News. He is a compromised hack and it’s no different than Sean Hannity reporting on Donald Trump for Fox.

McCosky is basically state-run propaganda for the Tigers and if you doubted it before September 23, 2017, well, Barbrady told you this HIMSELF!!!!

Jason Beck — who actually works for the state-run website of Major League Baseball — has not referred to Gardenhire as “Gardy” once since the Tigers hired the old-school relic.

What a legacy this dolt McCosky is leaving in this town.

Move along.

Nothing to see here.

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