Fuck Pavel Datsyuk

The headline on the Detroit Free Press website should be of no surprise to anyone who’s  followed Pavel Datsyuk’s career closely:

“Pavel Datsyuk: Gold medal means more than Stanley Cup titles.”

Anyone who paid close attention to this selfish asshole’s career for two seconds could have guessed that. Is it really surprising that a dude who once told Ken Holland ONE WEEK into a three-year contract extension that he wanted to leave Detroit and go back to Russia feels this way?

Or that a man who prioritized playing in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi over his obligations to the team paying him TEN MILLION DOLLARS that season would have this mindset? Remember when Datsyuk was too injured to play for the Wings in January and February of that year but miraculously got healthy enough to lace up for Team Russia?

“I just watched him in practice, his one leg isn’t holding up. Obviously, Pavel wants to play for his country, and he wants to be a part of things, but you got to be healthy.

“I’m not the doctor. I don’t have a clue.”

Those were the comments from his then- head coach Mike Babcock one week before Sochi.** But nothing was going to stop Datsyuk from repping his home country in front of his Russian fans.

(** — Did you know that Sports Illustrated media writer Richard Deitsch was there for the Games?????)

Mike Ilitch was paying Datsyuk more money for THAT season alone than most folks make in a LIFETIME and yet #13 clearly displayed where his loyalties were.

So, yeah, this Datsyuk quote from earlier today — after Russia defeated Germany 4-3 in overtime to take the gold medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics — barely moved the needle for me …..

“When you play for your country and I win this medal, this special time it’s more important. I have accomplished my dream. Now I have no dream.” 

Keep in mind that this “Russia” gold medal was a complete joke from Jump Street. Because of the country’s rampant cheating over the years, they weren’t even allowed to truly represent The Motherland.

They were called O.A.R. — Olympic Athletes from Russia. They weren’t allowed to wear their nation’s colors or even have Nikolai Volkoff sing the Russian National Anthem when they won gold.

Coupled with Gary Bettman’s decision not to allow NHL players to leave their teams for Pyeongchang, these Olympics were a complete farce. While Russia was loaded with former NHL stars like Datsyuk, Slava Voynov, Mikhail Grigorenko, Nikita Nesterov and Ilya Kovalchuk, the other countries were relegated to using a bunch of scrubs.

The fact that O.A.R. actually needed OVERTIME to beat GERMANY in the gold medal game is an embarrassment in itself. I mean, who can forget all of the great German hockey moments over the years …….



In fact, a couple of Team Germany’s better players were born in Buffalo and Winnipeg respectively. They were about as German as non-practicing Jew Brad Ausmus was Israeli when he managed the Israeli World Baseball Championship squad.

A bunch of professional KHL stars and former NHL studs were given an unfair advantage because of Bettman’s decision to shun the South Korean games and Datsyuk has the audacity to put this sham ahead of winning the 2002 and 2008 Cups???!??!?!??!

Ya gotta believe me. This blasphemy wouldn’t be much different than if Hines Ward had coveted his “Dancing with the Stars” championship over his Super Bowl XL and XLIII rings.

Or, because of the inherent advantage O.A.R. had when picking a roster, Johnny Knoxville actually being proud of his athletic accomplishments in the movie “The Ringer.”

Fuck Pavel Datsyuk.

Fuck him for not fulfilling his contract in Detroit and costing us Jakob Chychrun.

Fuck him for prioritizing the Sochi Games over the Wings’ chances when he and Henrik Zetterberg were still in their PRIMES.

And fuck the Red Wings organization if they actually decide to retire Datysuk’s number BEFORE Sergei Fedorov’s #91 is raised to the rafters at Pizza Pizza Arena.

I swear to god, if that occurs I will be joining New Provo Front, Liberte de Quebec and the Asian Dawn Movement.

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