Shockingly, a 46-Year-Old Beached Virgin Whale Can’t Sympathize With Women

Sometimes this shit writes itself. Like, I might as well be on auto-pilot for this article.

Earlier today the 97.1-FM webpage for the Morbidly Obese Virgin Whale (Scott Anderson) and Benedict Von Douche Nozzle (Douglas Allen Karsch the Third) Show featured the following article …..

The lead headline was a story about WEEI-FM in Boston having to shut down their live programming for a day so the staff could be given sensitivity training. The station has long been a cesspool of despicable hot takes that culminated this week with former NFL tight end Christian Fauria doing a stereotypical impression of Tom Brady’s Asian agent.

And in the long-running theme of irony not being dead, Anderson went on an anti-women tirade this morning proving that not only does he need to be sent to that fat farm at Duke University, he also needs his OWN crash course in sensitivity training.

Anderson went on the air and completely minimized the #MeToo movement. He described the recent “Time’s Up” crusade as “looking for reasons to tear people down.”

Don’t believe me?

I confirmed with Tony Paul that this was an exact quote.

He proceeded to state that the Olympics weren’t the time to bring up snowboarder Shaun White’s sexual misconduct charges — which White himself admitted to today.

It’s not the time?!???! Go fuck off, you giant tub of lard. (And yes, I realize I need sensitivity training also. Lots of it.)

It’s not surprising that the cross-eyed fuck would take this position considering that, according to sources, the dude has never had a relationship with a member of the opposite sex — unless you count his mom still doing his grocery shopping for him at the age of 46 (or maybe 47).-

Look, he’s a really stupid guy. He doesn’t believe in mathematics or acknowledge the fact that after 6,000-plus years on Earth, women are FINALLY getting the opportunity to speak out about the abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of men from time immemorial.

An all-time great comedian once made the joke that it’s totally insane for women to even think about cohabitating with men considering study after study shows that MEN are the number one threat to women. Not heart disease. Not cancer. No, their significant other!!!!

And do you know who that comic was?

Louis CK.

And he is currently off in hibernation somewhere because he can’t help himself from dropping his drawers at a moment’s notice to jerk off in front of the ladies.

A host on an FM radio station basically stated today that the #MeToo movement was bullshit and that there is a time and place to discuss a redheaded glorified X-Games contestant’s history of sending pictures of his engorged cock to one of his employees. Where was his boss Jimmy Powers to run into the studio and pull the plug a la Kevin “PigVirus” Matheny? I know it was nice out today, but I don’t think even Powers would have been out golfing this morning.

I have talked to a couple of people who listened to today’s show and they were absolutely floored by what Anderson was spewing. And to make matters worse, Karsch didn’t let his partner have it. I am told he just awkwardly let the conversation run its course.

Unfortunately, it’s not even shocking that a Detroit sports media member would stick his foot in his mouth when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Former 105.1-FM talker Drew Lane once called Jameis Winston’s accuser a “whore.”

Lane’s former co-worker Matt Dery once insinuated that Peyton Manning’s alleged sexual assault victim looked a little “loose.” And they let that doofus mold young minds at U of D Jesuit High School these days.

And who can forget Mitch “Condescending Baggins” Albom one-upping Lane by stating that he wouldn’t really believe Winston’s accuser unless she gave her litigation proceeds to charity!!!!

And, last but not least, current Ford salesman and noted five-tool imbecile Tom Mazawey famously blamed potential rape victims for their potential assault …..

“Alright, but don’t leave .. don’t leave the bar with a person late at night and you drank and you drank and you are going back to a dorm. Don’t, don’t expect good things to happen. Don’t go back to someone’s dorm when you are drunk and expect something to not happen …. What are they going back to watch TV? If you want to stay out of trouble … don’t do that …. Don’t think that these girls aren’t informed and know what they are talking about prior to doing any of this .. I am just saying don’t leave a bar at 2 in the morning and go home with someone … to a dorm … Don’t expect to play tiddlywinks.”

The male-dominated sports media in this town is so awful when it comes to women’s issues that I actually have a entire FILE in my home office dedicated to just this topic alone.

And I just had to add another chapter.

I would end this article stating I feel bad for Anderson’s eventual paramour but we all know that she won’t ever exist. Not to mention, the Virginal Hippo already has his own domestic violence history.

Who can forget when he curb-stomped Kinky Kim at Patrick J’s Irish Pub in Berkley a couple of years back in front of shocked onlookers …..

Here is the video if you don’t believe me …..

Even inanimate objects purchased at Lovers’ Lane have feelings too, Scott.


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