Chris McCosky Admits He’s No Journalist

It takes a lot to shock me these days, but I woke up this morning to an article in the Detroit News by Tigers beat writer Chris McCosky that absolutely floored me.

It wasn’t surprising that McCosky once again went to bat for outgoing Tigers manager Brad Ausmus. I’ve been expecting that garbage from “Officer Barbrady” since the moment it was announced Friday afternoon that Ausmus would not be returning to the team next year.

Anyone who watched the debut episode of the “DSR on TV” or reads this website regularly knows that McCosky is nothing more than a paid propagandist for Detroit’s baseball franchise and Ausmus specifically. There is no doubt that McCosky loves him some Ausmus.

But I have a feeling this post might get some national attention so excuse me while I bring new readers up to speed on McCosky’s history of undying defense of the Tigers’ failure of a manager.

Here is McCosky’s co-worker at the News George Hunter (the paper’s respected crime reporter) labeling McCosky a “Brad apologist” and acknowledging that McCosky BLOCKED him on Twitter for calling him out for his biased coverage of a subject he is paid to cover ….

This wasn’t a blogger or talk radio caller commenting that McCosky was in the tank for the manager of the team he covers as a paid journalist …… it was the CRIME REPORTER FROM HIS OWN MAJOR DAILY!!!!!!!

Or remember the time McCosky called Tigers’ GM Al Avila “brilliant” for bringing back  Ausmus in 2016?

McCosky SURE likes the word BRILLIANT because he used it again last October when describing Ausmus’ managerial acumen in a season where his team failed to qualify for the postseason with a near $200 million payroll …..

Or who could forget this headline ….

Or the “B” grade McCosky gave Ausmus THIS SEASON on his All-Star break report card ….

A BEE!!!!!



So no, it was not astonishing when McCosky once again went to bat for his pal Brad. What was astonishing is McCosky’s admission today that on two occasions this baseball season, the Tigers beat writer for the Detroit News actually SUPPRESSED breaking news about the DETROIT TIGERS organization.

When reading McCosky’s column this morning I could not believe that it actually made it past his editor. I was so worried that the paper’s sports editor (Jim Russ) would pull this insane piece off their website that I immediately started taking screenshots of McCosky’s words because nobody would believe me without the visual evidence of what McCosky wrote.

What I am about to share with you is a fireable offense and an embarrassment to the Detroit News. Earlier this season, McCosky learned that there was a huge disagreement between Ausmus and Avila over million-dollar arm, ten-cent head relief pitcher Bruce Rondon. Here is what Barbrady wrote TODAY about this quarrel between manager and GM …

This is a MAJOR story on the beat McCosky covers and, instead of reporting on it like he most certainly SHOULD HAVE, he buried it to protect Ausmus. (The evidence of that we will get to in a moment. Be patient.)

And all aspects of this Rondon issue would be pertinent information to News readers, including:

1] Tigers players being irate regarding a call-up of a teammate.

2] Ausmus’ disagreement with Avila over the transaction.

3] A current player telling McCosky that the move was so TOXIC that Ausmus should QUIT over it!!!!!

4] Ausmus basically shoving the move in Avila’s face by placing Rondon (a dude Ausmus didn’t think should be on the roster) in the most high leverage of relief situations.

And yet, McCosky wrote nothing. Just sat on this MAJOR story on his OWN beat. Why would he do that, you ask? Well, McCosky nicely clarifies that for us elsewhere in today’s article:

McCosky ADMITS to knowing that Ausmus had no desire to return to Detroit for the 2018 season and decided not to inform his readers of this knowledge. And why?

Because he was afraid that Avila would have let Ausmus go at that point. This is the BEAT WRITER of a team telling his audience that he purposely withheld information from them because McCosky thought that it was more important that Ausmus was allowed to finish out this season as a lame duck manager than it was for McCosky to do his OWN FUCKING JOB!!!!!!

“But I knew. And he knew that I knew.”

“I could have written the story ….”

His loyalty to the SUBJECT he is paid to cover was more important to him than either his readers or his EMPLOYER. And yet, McCosky’s own words make this even worse ….

Who the fuck made you judge and jury over what Ausmus DESERVED? That’s not your job, asshole. Your job is to report the news. And you admittedly did not do that on two occasions because you decided protecting your boy Ausmus was more important than your duty to the reader.

One can only imagine the other Tigers related stories that McCosky has kept buried in his backyard if these two are ones he ADMITS!!!!!

How can Jim Russ read this article and allow McCosky to stay on that beat one day longer? Not only does he have a reporter who is compromised by his own feelings regarding the subjects he covers, this nut job McCosky is brazen enough to throw it in our faces by admitting it in black and white on the pages of the News.

Keeping McCosky on the Tigers beat for one more second is an absolute affront to the actual journalists who work for that paper’s sports section (Justin RogersJohn NiyoTony Paul and Rod Beard.) Not to mention the consumers of the product to whom McCosky just gave a big middle finger.

I could continue dissecting McCosky’s idiocy from today’s piece or mention that a lot of it seemed to be a direct rebuttal to Anthony Fenech’s asinine article about Ausmus’ dismissal from yesterday’s Freep but I have a national anthem to kneel for in a few minutes.

The ball is in your court, Jim Russ.

Your decision on McCosky’s fate will tell Detroit baseball fans everything we need to know about you. Maybe ask George Hunter what to do.

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