Andre Drummond Being Sued For Injury Car Accident

The has learned that Pistons center — and known mental midget — Andre Drummond was involved in an injury auto accident last August and is currently embroiled in litigation which could potentially cause him to miss a game this coming season.

And the narrative coming out of Pistons training camp regarding Drummond’s supposed maturation over the last year doesn’t exactly jibe with some of the facts coming out of this lawsuit.

On the afternoon of August 22, 2016, Drummond was operating his 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 on Lahser Road in Bloomfield Township. The notoriously awful free-throw shooter was waiting to turn left on southbound Lahser into the Bloomfield Commons parking lot when he apparently darted out into oncoming traffic without “warning and cause” according to the complaint.

Because of Drummond’s actions, a Tahoe traveling northbound crashed into Drummond’s luxury vehicle. Ebony Mitchell’s Chevy SUV “t-boned” the Piston center’s car. Drummond was ticketed at the scene for “failure to yield” by the Bloomfield Township Police Department.

Interestingly, Mitchell is the wife of Northwood University defensive backs coach Avante Mitchell. Unfortunately for Ebony, the injuries she suffered in this accident are very serious in nature according to her attorney Kevin Green.

Green advised me today in a telephone conversation that Mitchell has at least four medical recommendations from surgeons to go under the knife for back and neck injuries she suffered in the crash.  Green also advised me that Mitchell (who is in her late 30s or early 40s) had no preexisting back or neck injuries before Drummond’s demolition derby occurred.

The litigation is ongoing and I’ve been informed that Drummond continues to reject culpability for his actions in the matter. Allstate Insurance is Drummond’s car insurance carrier and Green advised me that they have been uncooperative as well. (Shocking, I know.)


The matter is scheduled to go to court in early November (just days after the Pistons regular season commences) and Drummond’s attorneys have attempted to get the matter postponed until AFTER his basketball season is over. That motion has been rejected according to Green, which means there is potential for Drummond to miss a game if the team is on the road while the trial is underway.

This isn’t the first time Drummond’s driving has been newsworthy. Back in 2014, Drummond idiotically took a photograph driving on the expressway while traveling 96(!!!!!) miles per hour. And then the rocket scientist posted the evidence on his Snap Chat account.

What’s worse is just 25 days after causing these injuries to Mitchell, the big dope took a video of himself rapping while driving. Here is incriminating evidence of that asinine behavior that the immature child posted on Twitter!!!!

He literally says in that rap video that he “had to cut some people off, let the pendulum swing.”

Yeah, you sure did CUT SOME PEOPLE OFF, Andre. And that pendulum seemed to swing right into Mitchell’s back and neck on Lahser.

I am guessing that Tweet will soon disappear so I’ve have taken the liberty to record it myself.

These driving issues caused head coach Stan Van Gundy to make the following comments in 2014:

“I know you’re young and you think you’re indestructible, but for the people that care about you, it’s scary as hell. I don’t want to wake up and read about Andre Drummond in an accident. That’s the issue to me.”

Well, I am pretty sure SVG woke up one morning and discovered that Drummond’s driving severely injured an innocent bystander. A mother who remains in pain and has surgery to look forward to in the near future, according to her attorney.

It looks like we finally found something that Drummond is worse at than shooting from the charity stripe.

Operating a motor vehicle.

The DSR will update this story when news warrants.

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