What Mike Valenti Tells Friends About His Twitter Exit

It’s been nearly three years since 97.1 bloviater Mike Valenti stopped posting on Twitter.  Other than some dumb Steve Urkel meme 11 months later, Valenti has been a ghost on the Twat since December of 2014.

I’ve chronicled this cowardice in the past both on this website and on the first episode of the “DSR on Internet Video Because the Cunts at Channel 20 Breached Our Contract Show.”

It’s been my theory that Valenti abandoned Twitter because he couldn’t control the medium. The studio gangsta likes sitting in his cushy studio with a dump button and 14-second delay where he can play God for 20 hours a week, never venturing from that cocoon to confront those he critiques.

But that’s not the story Valenti tells his friends and acquaintances. The DSR has learned that Valenti claims he left Twitter because someone threatened, via social media, to kill his wife and dog.

According to a friend of Valenti’s, some deranged lunatic sent Valenti pictures of his house and wife that weren’t photos you could find on the Internet, but were personally taken by this madman.

Now, there is no doubt that is some scary stuff. I’ve had similar shit happen to me. I had a loony tune threaten to put a bullet in me on Twitter and he posted pictures of my house from Google Earth via Twitter. He definitely wanted me to know that he knew where I lived.

But I didn’t call the cops or run off social media, I found the maniac and did a three-part series on the dipshit. Of course, I am a crazy person.

And I’ve had other anonymous accounts go after my wife as well. Nothing as frightening as someone actually coming to my house and taking clandestine photos of my significant other and dog, mind you.

What I don’t understand is this …..

The sociopath didn’t go after Valenti because of Twitter. He did so presumably because he didn’t like what Valenti said on his RADIO SHOW. So what does abandoning social media accomplish?

Nothing really. It’s just a convenient excuse so as not to have to deal with the unfiltered masses. There is no such thing as a Tweet screener to moderate commentary you don’t want to hear. Valenti can’t hire Mike Sullivan to pick and choose which messages he has to read. Well, I GUESS he could, but I don’t see that happening.

It will be interesting to see if Valenti’s bosses at 97.1 attempt to exert pressure to get Valenti back on Twitter in the near future. The station’s ratings always tank when the Tigers season ends and their bottom line could be seriously impacted by the team’s horrific second half as well.

I am told ratings are already down at the station because, shockingly, nobody really cares to listen to a team that went 6-24 in September. And the organization is going to be pathetic from the word “go” in 2018 so you can imagine how bad the numbers will be when the losing commences anew in April.

I would be willing to wager any amount you’d like that the 2018 Tigers’ radio ratings will be the lowest since WXYT moved from AM1270 to 97.1. By the way, that occurred exactly ten years ago today.

And trust me, the execs at 97.1 know exactly how important Tiger baseball is to the station. That’s why, when they got outbid by Greater Media for the team’s rights in 2016, they underhandedly did an end-around to offer more cash to Ilitch Holdings so they wouldn’t lose the games to 105.1.

Even though he hasn’t Tweeted regularly since 2014, Valenti still has over 85,000 Twitter followers. Even when you take into consideration that HALF of those are actually Twitter Bots, that’s still over 40,000 people to whom you can advertise your show. For free.


It will be interesting to see what transpires at WXYT-FM when the Tigers aren’t artificially propping up their numbers.

And someone will one day have to explain to me how Valenti could ever take the pressure and heat of New York City (at the gig at WFAN he allegedly desires) if he couldn’t handle the wackos in this relatively podunk town — especially in comparison to the bright lights of Manhattan.

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