Andre Drummond Wanted To Kill Our Managing Editor


By Jeff Moss
January 29, 2016

It’s no secret around these parts that Andre Drummond is extremely sensitive about his awful free-throw shooting during games. The issue has recently reached a tipping point with rival teams playing “Hack-a-Dre” against the young All-Star center, who is shooting a career-low 35.5% from the charity stripe.

How insecure is Drummond about his FT stats? If you merely suggest on Twitter that he should maybe attempt to shoot underhanded under the guidance of Hall of Famer Rick Barry, he blocks you.

So I guess it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Drummond didn’t take kindly to DSR managing editor Justin Spiro’s suggestion during Friday’s Pistons-Cavs matchup that Dre utilize the dorky-looking underhand style.

What did come as a surprise is that Spiro’s polite suggestion almost led Drummond to pulling a Blake Griffin on Spiro (with Justin playing the role of an overmatched equipment manager) at the end of the Pistons 114-106 loss at the hands of LeBron and Company.


Here’s the story: Spiro and DSR contributor Scott Anderson attended the game Friday evening at the Palace. (Our Scott Anderson, not the one on 97.1. Our Scott Anderson has actually had sexual intercourse in his life. He might’ve even hooked up with a Red Wing player’s girlfriend.)


Anyway, that picture showed the pair during happier times. @DarkoStateNews and Fake Virginal Manatee had first row seats for this tilt, sitting  a couple seats away from Bob Ritchie.


During the game Spiro POLITELY mentioned to Drummond that he should try shooting underhand since he is freaking awful at doing it the traditional way.

Drummond responded to that suggestion with the following:

“Keep saying that and I’ll knock you out.”

Well, that seems reasonable!!!! A dude in full Pistons regalia is asking you to consider fixing a gaping hole in your game and you react like someone groped your mom. A suggestion, mind you, that your own head coach mentioned a few days earlier as a potential last-ditch effort to cure your FT-shooting woes.

Maybe the childish Drummond should have gone over to LeBron James and asked him how the superstar responds to taunts that Delonte West banged King James’ mom. THAT’S something to get pissed about.

Anyway, throughout the game, Spiro made some underhand gestures in the direction of Drummond and begged Stan Van Gundy to force Andre into attempting the uncool style of free-throws.

That was it. No cursing. No bad-mouthing. Nothing mean. Just a suggestion that MIGHT cure one of this team’s major issues. It was extremely tame.

Well, this is obviously a sore subject for Drummond — not that we didn’t already know that — so when the game ended, Drummond attempted to go after Spiro. He had to be held back by teammate Reggie Jackson, who then told Spiro to “get the fuck out of the building.”

Here is the video …..

Threatening physical violence and then trying to get at Spiro at the end of the game is insane behavior. It displays a mental weakness that could explain Drummond’s free-throw problems.

Here’s video of Spiro making the underhand motion …

I mean, Kobe Bryant probably can’t go on a road trip without hearing anal rape catcalls. Fucking Bill Laimbeer basically needed the Secret Service to play games at the old Boston Garden.

And Andre Drummond is losing his shit because a PISTONS FAN wants him to stop missing 65% of his free-throws?!?!?!?!?

Get the fuck out of here with that weak-ass shit.

Spiro’s “antics” and Drummond’s immature response did not go unnoticed on social media, either.


Drummond’s teammate Marcus Morris was also livid at Spiro for suggesting Andre switch up his FT-shooting style. But, in all honesty, what DOESN’T piss off Marcus Morris?

So that’s the story. Thankfully, Reggie Jackson interceded before Drummond initiated “Malice at the Palace II.” Spiro is still breathing and hopefully will be around for the birth of his daughter next month.

We will update this story if anything else goes down.