Who is Going to Replace Josh Katzenstein at the Detroit News?


By Jeff Moss
June 22, 2016

Josh Katzenstein broke the news earlier today on Twitter that he was leaving the Detroit News to take a position in New Orleans covering the Saints for NOLA.com. 

Moments later, the DSR put two and two together and we figured out that Katzenstein was replacing a dude named Evan Woodbery. And why did Woodbery leave NOLA.com? To replace Chris Iott at MLive covering the Tigers.

Now the speculation will commence on who will replace Katzenstein on the Lions beat at the News.

The logical candidate to supplant Katzenstein would be Justin Rogers. That would complete the MLive.com/Detroit News/NOLA.com menage a trois. Rogers handles his duties in the #2 chair — behind Kyle Meinke — exceedingly well. The amount of time he puts into breaking down game video probably is only surpassed locally by Brian Cook at MGoBlog.

Rogers is an actual journalist and a promotion to primary beat writer for the News would be a bonus for Lions fans who don’t want Bill Keenist’s bullshit propaganda spewed.

Speaking of which, here is an interesting outside-o f-the-box candidate … Tim Twentyman. I reported last month that there was speculation out of Allen Park that the bought-and-paid-for public relations specialist is being phased out under the Rod Wood/Bob Quinn regime.

Would Twentyman go groveling back to the News and attempt to become a legitimate media member again? You would hope this would be a longshot, but after running this site for 13 years, nothing would surprise me. Of course, the News wouldn’t pay for him to drive a Ford Focus.

And how about his fellow Lions.com contributor and News expatriate Mike O’Hara returning to his longtime gig? I find that highly doubtful as it appears O’Horny has other things on his mind while in partial retirement.


And yes, that’s an actual Tweet from O’Hara’s account last night. It was quickly deleted. When will old people learn how to use the Intranets? I’d actually like to be Mike’s porn advisor. Just bookmark TubeGalore.com, big guy.  You can find all of the may (???) lesbian videos your heart desires.

I am sure the Lions beat writer gig will be highly sought after, with national writers interested as well ….

But the real reason I am writing this article — other than posting that hilarious O’Hara Twat — is to tell a story that I have never mentioned on this website before.

A couple years ago, Katzenstein was on the verge of leaving the News for another beat writer job. I believe it was in his hometown of Minneapolis, but don’t quote me on that. Anyway, the News knew this was a possibility so they started exploring their options if my fellow countryman left town.

Now, if you want to know how intent the paper was on hiring an INTERNAL employee to replace Katzenstein, and why someone like Rogers might be up against it, absorb this …..

The News offered the gig to a writer who wasn’t even in the SPORTS DEPARTMENT. I will repeat that. This reporter worked at the paper, but didn’t have a background as a sports journalist.

Sports Editor Phil Laciura and/or Managing Editor Gary Miles would have rather given the job to someone from another internal department than open it up to a nationwide search. Mind you, the Lions beat is the most important in this city.

And this seems to be a pattern among all local publications these days. Just look at what the Free Press did when John Lowe retired from the Tigers beat. They promoted a completely in-over-his-head Anthony Fenech on the cheap.

Hell, instead of hiring the eminently qualified Tony Paul away from the News to replace Iott, MLive is bringing in a football writer from Louisiana!!!

Like, why?

Because he works for a sister publication, I guess?

It’s all bizarre.

I will end this piece by saying this …. Katzenstein did a very good job of covering the Lions during his four years on the beat. He was one of the best at his job in this town. I have said that repeatedly since he took over for Chris McCosky.

His WORK will be missed.

Even though the guy absolutely hates me. Of course, Katzenstein didn’t always despise Poor Joff Mess. We used to have a pretty good relationship, which included exchanging Direct Messages on Twitter and him agreeing to appear on a debacle of a Lions Season Preview videocast a couple years back that didn’t include any sound or closed captioning.

When did our relationship change? When I dropped my infamous investigative piece on Fenech. Katzenstein is good friends with Fenech.

You see, when I was bombing everyone else in town, Katzenstein had no issue with it. In fact, I would receive messages from him either piling on or criticizing some of the dumber media members in Detroit.

But when I wrote a completely legitimate article about his FRIEND detailing the loser’s checkered past, which included SEXUALLY HARASSING a co-worker at his college newspaper (amongst a laundry list of other transgressions), I became the villain.

Look, if Katzenstein had always wanted me dead that would have been one thing and I could have totally respected that. I am not everybody’s cup of tea. But to actually engage with me through social media and cheer me on when I was ripping the people you DID NOT like only to suddenly do a 180 when my target became your degenerate and dangerous friend is some of the biggest hypocritical shit I have ever witnessed.

I will ask this question once again of Josh KatzenBaruchAttAdoniaElohaynuMelachHaolmanBacharBanuMecoleHaamiVanatanLanuEtTorahToStein. Why was it okay for Fenech to post an article about Greg Monroe getting a DUI at the age of 24 but I shouldn’t have written about Fenech sexually harassing a fellow CMLife reporter when YOUR FRIEND was 24?!?!??

He was born in 1987. The unwanted sexual advances and messages about his victim’s boyfriend being ugly occurred in 2011. Do the math. I know you are a big proponent of analytics.

And by the way, when Fenech caused an injury accident while driving super drunk, he was almost 21 years old.

Yesterday, I asked Katzenstein to do the DSR Podcast to discuss his time in Detroit covering the Lions because I thought that would have been interesting to my audience. He didn’t respond.

Of course he didn’t because he is still butt-hurt about my accurate reporting on Fenech.

Oh well. Don’t do the podcast, ya HUGE hypocrite.

I’ll grant you that I am an asshole, Josh. It’s right on the damn masthead. But I have never sexually harassed a co-worker, had an affair with a superior at work, or stalked ANOTHER fellow student at CMU. I also have never been arrested for anything. Finally, I never hit on another man’s significant other at a Downriver bar and got knocked the fuck out for it.

Maybe you should have just done the podcast after all.

See ya around and don’t let the door hit you in your ass on the way out.