Dan Milstein is a Total Douche Bag

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By Jeff Moss
June 23, 2016

If it wasn’t bad enough that Pavel Datsyuk walked away from the Detroit Red Wings before fulfilling the three-year commitment he made to the team, leading the franchise to salary cap purgatory …..

If it wasn’t bad enough that Pavel Datsyuk decided a week into his $22.5 million contract extension that he wanted to return to Russia ….

If it wasn’t bad enough that Pavel Datsyuk had to be blackmailed into playing the 2014-15 season for Detroit under the threat that Ken Holland and Mike Ilitch would do everything in their power to stop him from playing in the KHL ….

If it wasn’t bad enough that Pavel Datsyuk delayed surgery on his ankle for 58 days last summer thereby needlessly causing him to miss 15 regular season games this past season ….

If it wasn’t bad enough that Pavel Datsyuk refused to defend the gay community when he was asked about his home country’s awful and bigoted laws targeting the LGBT community and basically sanctioned the horrid policies ….

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If it wasn’t bad enough that Pavel Datsyuk prioritized playing for Team Russia in the 2014 Olympics over playing for the the organization that paid him $72 million over the course of his professional career ….

If it wasn’t bad enough that Pavel Datsyuk was responsible for all of the above, the crap his agent personal leech mortgage broker Dan Milstein Tweeted out on Tuesday was definitely the cherry bomb on top ….


Two years in the making?

Two years in the making?!?

Two years in the GOD DAMN making?!?!??!?!?


This guy’s hostage client just tarnished his legacy by walking away from the Red Wings and leaving them with SEVEN POINT FIVE MILLION DOLLARS in dead cap space and this fuckstick with a Napoleon Complex is bragging about it?

Two years in the making.

What an absolute insult to the fanbase of this franchise that is currently sitting on pins and needles to see what disastrous move Holland makes in an attempt to deal Datsyuk’s albatross of a remaining contract.

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This scumbag, dwarf, Dan Gilbert wannabe is doing the Moonwalk on the hearts of Red Wings fans and the dolt doesn’t even seem to realize it. Or he just doesn’t care.

And let’s set the record straight once and for all on Dan Milstein and his involvement with the 2013 contract extension that everyone is attempting to blame on Datsyuk’s former agent Gary Greenstein.

I spoke to a former employee of Milstein’s who worked for this douche bag at Gold Star Mortgage. A gentleman who has been a trusted DSR informant for years. This source advised me that the reason Greenstein was the agent of record back in 2013 when the deal was finalized was that Milstein hadn’t yet been certified by the NHLPA.

So Milstein COULD NOT by law represent Datsyuk. But Greenstein was doing Milstein’s bidding at the request of Datsyuk and was basically Pavel’s shadow agent.

The request for the five-year contract? Milstein.

The front-loaded nature of the deal? Milstein.

As a matter of fact, Milstein would actually brag to his mortgage brokers about his involvement in the 2013 negotiations and would boast that Holland figuratively had to get on his hands and knees to beg Milstein to persuade Pavel to return to Detroit and eschew his homeland.

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So while Red Wings fans wait anxiously to find out the price of Datsyuk/Milstein’s treasonous behavior — whether it be Andreas Athanasiou, Tomas Jurco, Evgeny Svechinkov and/or high draft selections — this shithead is on social media doing a Deion Sanders-esque touchdown dance.

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Fuck this chubby midget.