Tom Izzo Irreparably Damages Reputation

When the ludicrous announcement came down yesterday afternoon that the clown show Michigan State Board of Trustees had doubled down on their support of President Lou Anna Simon, I went on Twitter to commend MSU fans, students and alumni for not defending the regents’ monstrous behavior.

I posted that message in response to the near universal condemnation from MSU supporters regarding the Board’s asinine statement that “we continue to believe President Simon is the right leader for the university and she has our support.”

From the kids currently enrolled in school, to the student newspaper, to the State Journal, the condemnation of the university’s handling of the Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal in East Lansing has been the polar opposite of the Penn State community’s defense of Joe Paterno — which continues to this day.

But a few minutes after posting that Tweet, I thought to myself that it’s fairly easy to call for the scalps of the Board and President. Neither trustee Brian Breslin nor Simon can be compared to a legendary football coach who basically put your school on the map.

How would MSU Nation react if these charges involved the football or basketball programs and not the physician for the gymnastics team? Well, we kind of discovered the answer to that question last night when the closest thing State has to Paterno opened up his mouth and shoved a Miles Bridges’sized 15 shoe inside.

These were Tom Izzo’s comments — after his basketball team easily disposed of Indiana last night at Breslin — regarding the ongoing victim impact statements being heard in a nearby courthouse this past week and the Board’s decision to go down with the Simon ship …

“But I hope that the right person was convicted ….”

What???!??!?!?!? Nassar pled guilty. The right person??!??? Who the fuck else was digitally penetrating these poor girls in those exam rooms and hotels? Does Izzo think the real Larry Nassar is on a spaceship and the one on Earth is an imposter in the vein of the “Soap” arc where there were two Burts and the alien one in Dunn’s Creek, Connecticut was a little too touchy feely?

And that wasn’t even the worst thing Izzo told the press last night. That would be this gem ….

There is no way you can waver in your support of President Simon? What the fuck are you even talking about? Everyone in the world has turned on Simon — except her eight enabling trustees who just recently gave her a raise — and you couldn’t have talked your way around an answer?

“There is no way I can waver in my support.” 

To be clear, we are talking about a woman who knew about the accusations against Nassar in 2014 (through the Title IX and police investigation) and did absolutely nothing to prevent this predator from feasting on young women for an additional 16 months.

How many gymnasts were sexually assaulted under the guise of relieving back pain AFTER Simon knew this scumbag was under investigation? And Izzo’s support cannot waver?

Izzo had the audacity to mention in his comments that he is a father before pontificating if the “right person” was convicted and how he can’t criticize Simon. Yes, the Hall of Famer has a daughter. I wonder how Tom would react if it was Raquel Izzo getting finger-banged by Nassar.

Considering his red-faced temper tantrums when Ted Valentine makes a bad call or his past reactions to the defensive lapses of Brandon Kearney, one can only imagine how Napoleon Izzo would have responded if he found out Raquel had been violated.

I am guessing his support of Simon wouldn’t be unwavering.

Last night’s comments forever damaged Izzo’s legacy at MSU. They weren’t only tone-deaf, ignorant and infuriating, they further enabled the Board to employ this woman who should have been removed months ago.

And I would expect the same Spartans who were railing against the Board yesterday on social media to vilify this man whose words could actually make a difference. Tom Izzo has the power to move the university toward the victims’ demands for Simon’s removal and instead he just spit in their collective faces.

And let’s be clear about one thing here. Whether or not you think Simon was involved in a cover-up or knew enough to put a stop to Nassar’s abuse back in 2014, you can’t argue two points:

1] The buck stops with her.

2] The victims want her gone.

The easiest part of this equation was her removal and MSU couldn’t even get that right. I haven’t seen such a desperate effort to remain in power against an overwhelming public outcry since the last days of Kwame Kilpatrick’s administration.

When Simon is finally excised, will we get her version of “Y’all done set me up for a comeback?”

Of course, Izzo’s words weren’t the worst MSU transgression yesterday. That honor would go to the demented Board of Trustees led by the corrupt Joel Ferguson. A group of miscreants that includes human waste Mitch Lyons.

If you aren’t familiar with Lyons’ work, this is the dipshit who went on a West Michigan radio program and exposed the identity of a sexual assault whistleblower and then was charged with assault and battery himself.

I am sure Larissa Boyce and Lindsey Lemke are ecstatic that this derelict is the moral arbiter in charge of deciding Simon’s future at the post-Nassar MSU.

And since Breslin, Ferguson, Lyons, Dianne BynumMelanie Foster, Dan Kelly, Brian Mosallam and the corpse of George Perles apparently aren’t going to do the right thing, it’s incumbent on folks like Izzo and Mark Dantonio to compel them to do so.

And now that it appears that isn’t happening, boosters like Dan Gilbert, Eli Broad, Bob and Julie Skandalaris, Pam Steckroat Treadway (a former gymnast at the university), Magic Johnson, Draymond Green, and Jemele Hill need to speak out immediately about this travesty while also withholding donations until the necessary changes are made at the school.

They should be publicly shamed into doing the right thing if that’s what it takes. They are the last line of defense.

Of course, the list of villains in this story is not reserved forMichigan State employees. How about current Attorney General Bill Schuette, who has been derelict in his duties regarding this calamity as well? Why the fuck has the office of the gubernatorial candidate never investigated this matter?

Is it customary for the subject of a potential investigation to request the Attorney General to look into a matter — as the Board did yesterday — instead of the xstate’s top law enforcement official doing this himself?!??!?!!

I guess Schuette Not On Duty was too busy cracking huge cases like Ryan Ermanni’s brother-in-law accusing his then- wife of banging her alleged realtor boyfriend in houses that he was listing ….

Thank god Schuette got to the bottom of that criminal conspiracy!!!! Who has time for young girls getting raped by their doctor when bed sheets in “For Sale” homes in the Pointes are being soiled?

We are perilously close to having back-to-back governors who either poisoned an entire city or ignored a serial rapist. Pure Michigan.

Michigan State has become a national pariah due to their handling of this matter and — even at this late hour — despicable shit is still occurring. At least at some point Penn State did the right thing and President Graham Spanier and Athletic Director Tim Curley paid the piper in the fallout of the Jerry Sandusky mess.

The only person who seems to have faced any repercussions at MSU so far is AD Mark Hollis who I am told was removed from consideration as Big Ten commissioner over his connection to this scandal.

Back during the halcyon days of the Detroit Tigers in the eighties, you’d often attend Tiger Stadium and hear the chant that sounded an awful lot like “Booooo!!!!!!”

Of course, Tigers fans weren’t booing their All-Star second baseman, they were screaming “Lou!!!!!!” in honor of Lou Whitaker.

Uhhhhh …. they ARE NOT calling your name, Lou Anna. And you should be lucky that they are only booing after your disgusting behavior this week and over the last few years.

As Corey Glover once said, “Time’s Up” …….

Now get the fuck out.

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