Geoffrey Prichard of Title Express is a Real Piece of Shit

On Friday night after the Michigan State/Indiana basketball game, Spartans head coach Tom Izzo gave his thoughts about the Larry Nassar scandal, which is rocking the university where he become famous.

Izzo’s comments were mind-numbing, uninformed, tone-deaf, offensive and just about every other negative adjective you could think of. He said his support for school President Lou Anna Simon was unwavering in the face of the victims/survivors calling for her scalp and then Izzo stated that he hoped they had the right guy.

It’s 48 hours later and I still have no fucking clue what Izzo meant. Should we expect him on a golf course with Nassar looking for the real sexual predator?

Anyway, as you can imagine, his disgusting remarks didn’t go over well with some of the victims or their families. The following is a Tweet that former MSU gymnast Rachel Denhollander addressed to Izzo ….

But Denhollander wasn’t the only one angry at the half-pint MSU Hall of Famer. The mother of three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman also went to Twitter to nuke Izzo …..

I am guessing Mrs. Raisman wasn’t aggravated with Izzo’s asinine comments alone, but also pissed off that the most powerful person in East Lansing decided to double down on the Board of Trustees’ support for Simon. Even though Raisman’s daughter is part of the USOC and not the MSU family, she still lent her voice to the criticism of Izzo.

Not surprisingly, Raisman’s attack on Izzo went viral and predictably brought out assholes who clearly care more about the MSU basketball team than sexual assault victims. And the worst example of this came from a douche canoe named Geoffrey Prichard  — a metro Detroiter who attended Michigan State and, according to his LinkedIn account, is a Vice President of something called Title Express …

Let’s forget for a a moment that this shithead doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your.” Can you imagine sending that Tweet to a woman whose daughter was sexually violated by her physician?

Can you fathom posting a message like that to a mother who just days earlier had to watch her daughter give a “Victim Impact” statement in front of a packed courthouse with the entire world watching as she described an adult digitally penetrating her under the guise of medical treatment?

And this fucking dickbag had the audacity to BLAME Mrs. Raisman for her daughter’s rape!!!!  I don’t think I need to dissect this imbecile’s comments word-for-word but the fact that he holds the mother culpable for leaving her daughter alone with Nassar isn’t even based in reality. The parents were not ALLOWED to be in the room, fuckface.

When Prichard started receiving blowback for his incredibly insensitive post, he decided to change the name on his Twitter handle to conceal his identity while continuing to attack Mrs. Raisman ….

Real tricky in changing the spelling of his first name from Geoffrey to Jeffery!! Guess he thought we’d never discover his true identity with that brilliant subterfuge!!

And these weren’t just a couple of isolated comments from Geoffrey Prichard of Title Express. The guy was so effing proud that he attacked the mother of an Olympic hero who had been sexually assaulted that he went to an MSU message board to BRAG about his despicable behavior.

Prichard is Charlie Sheen on the Michigan State 24/7 message boards. And he makes the real Charlie Sheen look like a fellow of high moral standing. Get a load of this crap ….

“I don’t believe I am wrong.”

“The mother is not a victim she was an enabler.”

“Am I wrong? The parents had no part in Nassar’s ability to molest these girls?

And then Prichard mentions that he doesn’t care if this negatively impacts his work life ….

When I discovered Prichard’s true identity in about 15 seconds by doing a simple Google search, I let him know the jig was up. He then instantly deleted his Twitter account ….

…. but not his LinkedIn profile.

And JUST when you thought Prichard had hit rock bottom, apparently his 12-year-old daughter started getting involved by defending her dad on Twitter …..

Oh my lord. This dunce is attacking the parental habits of Mrs. Raisman, but lets his young daughter have a Twitter account — that includes a SELFIE — and he does nothing to stop her from getting in a Twat war with adults. Well, if this was REALLY his daughter posting and not him hiding behind her  account ….

Because that’s either REALLY Geoffrey posting or not being able to decipher the difference between “you’re” and “your” is hereditary.

Yep!!! Pretty sure it’s the father posting under his daughter’s name. And if this wasn’t great to begin with, the fact that this moron is a Trump Fuck makes it even better.

At this point I wanted to see if I could get Geoffrey Prichard to provide me with a response to his horrific Saturday evening in front of the computer. So I sent the dope a message on LinkedIn requesting his comment.

This is what I received in return …..

“I made a bad take.”

Uh, no. You didn’t make a bad take. Here are a couple of examples of BAD TAKES …..

Those are bad takes, idiot. Going on Twitter and tagging the mother of a sexual assault victim and blaming HER for the rape is an evil I can’t even grasp.

This guy says he respects me as a journalist. Fuck, I don’t even know if I respect MYSELF as a journalist. But I am a lunatic with a following and bandwidth and I will continue to call out these cunts whenever they’re on my radar.

When will these people learn?

And that group includes Tom Izzo.

[Update: Geoffrey Prichard has threatened to sue me. He sent the following LinkedIn message after the article was posted.

I have forwarded his baseless threat to my legal team. Stay tuned.]

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