Today’s Dipshit: Tina Aguayo

There was a classic episode of the anthology series “The Twilight Zone” called “Living Doll” in which a wind-up toy named “Talking Tina” spewed out nasty phrases to the bitter and nasty step-father of the child the doll was purchased for.

The asshole dad was played by the legendary Telly Savalas, who would later star in the cop show “Kojak.” The bald actor’s famous line in that program was “Who loves ya, baby?” Well, definitely not this toy. Instead of saying phrases like “I love you,” the possessed doll uttered shit like  “My name is Talking Tina and I want to kill you.”

Savalas did everything humanly possible to destroy the doll — from attempting to carve it up with a power saw to taking a blow torch to it. Nothing worked and, eventually, the doll murdered Telly. This episode haunted me as a kid. It was by far the most horrifying experience I ever had with something named “Tina”…..  until yesterday.

That’s when I read a column by Tina Aguayo, who works for a website named “Platinum Sports Media Group.” Whatever THAT is. I am not going to link Aguayo’s story because I don’t want to provide her with the web clicks she so obviously craves.

The article was entitled, “Tom Izzo & Mark Dantonio Pinned As Fall Guys In Michigan State Scandal: Media Really To Blame” — which might be the worst proposed headline since Axel Foley suggested his faux Rolling Stone feature, “Michael Jackson Can Sit On Top of the World Just As Long As He Doesn’t Sit in the Beverly Palm Hotel ‘CAUSE THERE’S NO [N-Word’s] ALLOWED IN THERE!”

The media is really to blame? Wow. Take a look at this crap …..

Let’s keep in mind that Larry Nassar might still be working at Michigan State today if not for the MEDIA. It was the Indianapolis Star’s investigative reporting that brought down Nassar. Not the keystone cops in Lansing or the USOC, but good old-fashioned REPORTING.

And this twatsicle has the audacity to impugn the work of Outside the Lines” One of the most respected investigative outlets in all media ….. not just sports.

Uh, no. We don’t have any faith in police departments in cities which are home to big-time college athletic programs. Not with the days of Barry Switzer in Oklahoma or Jumbo Fisher at Florida State.

Does this human paraquat not know that the Ingham County prosecutor in charge of these matters was a guy named Stuart Dunnings, who was sentenced to a year in county jail on 15 charges of PROSTITUTION!!!

These were Dunnings’ words at sentencing?

And beginning in 2010, I violated that oath (of office). I betrayed the trust of the people. And for that I am infinitely remorseful.

2010? Right, the same year of the alleged assault. Let me put all my eggs in the basket of the prosecutor who, that very year, started paying for sex while acting as the top lawman in the county where Michigan State is located.

Not to mention an assistant prosecutor (Debra Rousseau Martinez) in Ingham County left to work at MSU ….. in the Title IX department!!!!!

This article isn’t even worth dissecting. Just know that MSU has refused to make Izzo available for an interview with OTL. You’d think if you were accused of allowing a guy to coach on your staff AFTER he punched a woman in the face — and before he allegedly sexually assaulted another — ya might want to clear your name if it weren’t true.

Nope. And when the reporter from OTL (Tisha Thompson) followed Izzo to the University of Maryland to ask pertinent questions on Sunday afternoon, he refused to answer those as well. In fact, Izzo basically acted like he didn’t even know who Travis Walton was, or why he left the Spartan basketball program.

And if this report is to be believed, Walton lived in Izzo’s BASEMENT that year!!!!!! I have no idea if Mark Dantonio will survive this but I am almost positive that Izzo won’t.

This story actually gets better. Take a look at Aguayo’s Tweet regarding Thompson trying to corner Izzo on the Walton stuff ….

Hashtag bad journalism.

Hashtag bad reporting.

Hashtag hidden agendas.


Yep, can’t believe Thompson asked trivial questions about a woman getting punched in the face or an alleged rape instead of quizzing Izzo on Miles Bridges’ compete level or Nick Ward’s rebounding. What a time to be alive? Not for the reason these imbeciles believe.

But this isn’t the first time Aguayo has come to the defense of an athlete or coach being questioned about alleged misdeeds.

This is her PINNED Tweet on Twitter …..

Yes, the Tweet this shitbag wants to be remembered for is supportive of Ezekiel Elliott’s walking away from questions about an alleged attack on a woman at a bar.  An incident that got him a six-game suspension from the NFL.


She’s a reporter.

She’s a woman.

I mean, Aguayo seems to be more self-hating than Clarence Thomas.

Going after ESPN on this is a good look. They’ve spent almost half a decade working on this story while being Stonewall Jackson’d by MSU at every turn, including the school being on the LOSING end of two Freedom of Information Act lawsuits versus The Worldwide Leader.

ESPN has as many victories against MSU as U of M’s football team does this decade.

I couldn’t even believe any of this. Until I learned more about Aguayo.

According to a source in Toledo, there have been accusations made that Aguayo claimed that she was a college graduate on her resume when no evidence has been provided that she is.

According to sources, Aguayo was using two “burner” accounts to ReTweet her posts and generally support her. One was @fortwayneSPORT and the other was @sir614.

She also appears to have purchased social media followers as only 46% of them are legit according to Twitter Audit ….

Furthermore, I was told that she allegedly deleted the archives when she was dismissed at WFFT-TV in Fort Wayne in an effort to sabotage the station.

I am also told that she is very litigious and has sued at least one employer, maybe two. So if she decides to sue me, bring it the fuck on. I would love to get this piece of work under oath. The DSR legal team is always up for a good challenge.

I did give Aguayo a chance to respond to these accusations. I sent her a message on LinkedIn and also forwarded her the questions to her webpage email option. To make sure she received the messages, I even told her on Twitter to check those inboxes.

Her response? Nothing. Unless you include blocking me on Twitter and then the Twitter accounts @sir614 and @fortwayneSPORT mysteriously disappeared overnight. What a coincidence!!!!!!

Here were my questions sent to her and her alone ….

All I received was crickets. If Tina Aguayo decides to respond I will be happy to tell you. Or if she files a frivolous lawsuit.

In the meantime, my name is Journalism Juff Myst …….. and I don’t like Tina Aguayo.

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