The Ken Holland Worst Transaction Tournament Is Down to 8 (Updated Bracket)

We started off with 32 awful Ken Holland trades, signings, philosophy, decisions and quotes and we are now down to the last eight entrants.

The tournament has played out chalky so far as all of the #1 seeds are still in play and a pair of #3 seeds are the longest shots left. Just to illustrate what a tough bracket this is, consider the fact that the quote “This is a men’s league” combined with “Kid’s aren’t the answer” didn’t even make it to the Elite 8.

Furthermore, the Erik Cole in exchange for a second round pick and Mattias Janmark didn’t even make it out of the FIRST ROUND!!!!!!

Anyway, here is the updated bracket ……

Here are the four matchups that will take place Monday:

1] Kyle Quincey Debacle vs. 2] The David Legwand Trade

1] Prioritizing Johan Franzen over Marian Hossa  vs. 3] Letting Young Players Rot in Grand Rapids

1] Rebuilds Take 10 to 15 Years vs. 3] I Don’t Know Why Free-Agents Aren’t Coming Here

1] Overpaying Loyalty When Re-Signing Lousy Veterans vs. 2] The 2012 Free-Agent Class

Here are the odds for the remaining entries:

Prioritizing Franzen Over Hossa — 5 to 2
Rebuilding Takes 10 to 15 Years — 3 to 1
Overpaying Loyalty — 7 to 2
Kyle Quincy Debacle — 9 to 2
2012 Free-Agent Class — 8 to 1
Letting Young Players Rot in Grand Rapids — 12 to 1
David Legwand Trade — 20 to 1
Don’t Know Why Free-Agents Aren’t Coming Here — 50 to 1

The Final Four will occur Tuesday with a champion crowned Wednesday. Because all of the favorites won early, these last few matches are sure to be barn burners. Thanks for everyone’s contribution.

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