Tigers Fan in GIF Wants Team to Lose!!!!

The Detroit Tigers are fucking awful right now. Like, ridiculously terrible. They are 4-20 this month and in the middle of a seven-game losing streak. At the end of July, management wisely QUIT on the season and dealt J.D. Martinez, Justin Wilson and Alex Avila for a potpourri of prospects.

At the end of August, GM Al Avila dumped Justin Verlander and Justin Upton for additional farm system help. The only joy a Tigers fan can get these days is watching JV spin one-hitters in Houston (Hashtag Harvey) or viewing JD and J-Up taking turns crushing balls out of various Major League ballparks.

Oh, and the team is playing out the string this week with a manager in Brad Ausmus who has already been shown the door. It’s a real shit show, let me tell ya.

Unfortunately, no one has told the intern in charge of running the organization’s social media accounts that the apocalypse has arrived at the corner of Montcalm and Witherell. If you followed the Tigers on Twitter, you might think everything was just wonderful.

I mean, the Tigers could be down 10-2 in the bottom of the fourth against the White Sox and something named Efren Navarro gets an RBI single to cut the deficit to seven runs and we get a Tweet like this …..

That Kinsler home run came with the team down 6-2 in the bottom of the sixth for a team 30 games under .500 and with an immediate future more grim than John McCain’s prognosis. But let’s throw a party!!!!!

But it gets worse. On September 19th, Alex Presley hit a bomb in a loss to the Oakland A’s and the intern posted this GIF of a little kid going nuts ….

Except if you look closely at that video, the child was celebrating a home run by JD MARTINEZ!!!! Nice reminder that JD has hit 27 homers in 57 games since being traded to Arizona in a deal that got us a couple of batting gloves, a bag of balls and an athletic supporter in return.

So on Saturday, I had enough of the Tigers’ social media stupidity when they Tweeted out this GIF of a fan going nuts in an ARCHIVAL VIDEO CLIP ……

Now, keep in mind the guy in that video was going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs at an EARLIER game. He wasn’t grabbing his shirt and going bonkers at Comerica Park in a totally MEANINGLESS game. Except that’s not entirely accurate. The Saturday tilt wasn’t totally pointless.

The Tigers are in a four-team battle for the first pick overall in the MLB Entry Draft that will take place next June. The only thing to root for right now as a Tigers fan is LOSSES so the organization can get the best selection possible in their continued effort to rebuild out of this current mess.

Now, I am not sure how important it is to get the first pick overall versus the fourth but it sure CAN’T HURT.

So I thought to myself, I wonder if the young adult in that GIF the team is Tweeting out ad nauseum recently wants the Tigers to win or lose right now. Was he happy that Presley singled in Kinsler, or was he …. like me …. rooting for the team he loves to LOSE?

I posed the question on Twitter hoping one of my 15,000 plus followers knew the guy ….

Well, it turns out that the fan in question was made aware of my query. Because I received this Tweet from Noah Conley this morning. A Tigers fan, and according to his Twitter bio, a pre-med student at Michigan State ……

Yep, Noah’s rooting for the Tigers to tank for the first pick!!!!!

Maybe the intern in charge of the team’s social media accounts will NOW stop posting this GIF of Conley since it is a misappropriation of his current feelings towards the organization.

And while you’re at it, maybe just stop posting this Baghdad Bob shit on Facebook, Instagram and Twat until you’re good again.

You know …… in 2020.

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