The Week That Was In Detroit Sports Talk Radio

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By Justin Spiro
July 29, 2015

Out of the loop on Detroit sports? The DSR has you covered! Here is the latest edition of, “This Week’s Detroit Sports Radio Topics”!!! These are real sports topics discussed by the city’s finest sports radio hosts in the past week.

What iconic movie have you NOT seen? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

Why are people so nosy? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

Terry steals cups from restaurants. Your thoughts? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

Do you still pull pranks on people? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

What is acceptable behavior in a men’s bathroom? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

Is Caitlyn Jenner beautiful? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

What movie should Mike watch on the plane? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

What was your worst party foul ever? (Valenti & Foster, 97.1)

There was a naked guy in Kroger, what is this world coming to!? (Karsch & Anderson, 97.1)

Who are the most annoying TV characters? (Karsch & Anderson, 97.1)

Have you ever been short changed on your food? (Karsch & Anderson, 97.1)

What is the toughest animal to fight in hand to hand combat? (Karsch & Anderson, 97.1)

Pedal pubs… great idea or bad idea? (Karsch & Anderson, 97.1)

What is the most regrettable tattoo you have had done? (Karsch & Anderson, 97.1)

How far is too far when calling out someone for parking illegally in a handicapped space? (Stoney & Bill, 97.1)
Have you ever hooked up with a cougar? (Stoney & Bill, 97.1)

Have you ever been injured by food? (Stoney & Bill, 97.1)

What is the most overplayed song ever? (Stoney & Bill, 97.1)

Were you named after someone famous? Who was it? (Stoney & Bill, 97.1)

What’s your favorite infomercial? (Stoney & Bill, 97.1)

Is the Loch Ness monster real? (Drew & Marc, 105.1)

What is your opinion on the Donald Trump inspired sexual toy? (Drew & Marc, 105.1)

Did you watch the Miss USA competition? (Drew & Marc, 105.1)

Will you be attending Tom Mazawey’s daughter’s softball game? (Matt Dery, 105.1)

Do you like Dog the Bounty Hunter? Will you be watching the new season? (Ryan & Rico, 105.1)

Who has been mean to you in the workplace? How did you respond? (Ryan & Rico, 105.1)

(Did we miss any riveting Detroit sports radio topics from the past week? Let us know!