The Time Jemele Hill Tried To Rip Off the DSR

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows and that old axiom has never been more relevant than during the Donald Trump presidency. If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I’d be regularly agreeing with folks like Bill Kristol, Ana Navarro and Steve Schmidt while wanting to swing with Mark and Nicolle Wallace, I would have told you to get the fuck out of Dodge.

But here we are. Trump is such a wretched human being and President that I oftentimes find myself taking the side of Kim Jong-un or Mitch McConnell when the orange narcifascist (a word I just created) gets into a dispute with another politician.

Trump actually pulled off the miraculous trick of causing me to feel sorry for current ESPN anchor and former Detroit Free Press writer Jemele Hill. As you probably already heard, Hill rightfully Tweeted that 45 was a white supremacist, which led her bosses in Bristol to condemn her words and the White House to call for her firing.

Now, I don’t like Jemele Hill for a lot of reasons. I think she’s a dope based on her time at the Freep and I believe she is an AWFUL representative of Detroit on the national stage. But she was dead-on with her assessment of the current POTUS and she deserved the BACKING of her employer, not a lecture and discussion of a suspension.

(Oh, and if you don’t think Trump is a white supremacist, ponder this for a second. Let’s say there is a gun to your head and the answer to one query will decide your fate.  Someone asks The Donald this …. Do you think white people are genetically superior to blacks?  And you have to guess what he will say.  With the caveat that Trump is hooked up to a polygraph and that read-out determines if the trigger is getting pulled. How would YOU answer? I thought so.)

Anyway, Hill being involved in a huge kerfuffle of national relevance –which became the talk of the country for a few days — reminded me of a story that I will share with you now. Jemele Hill once wrote for the DSR.

You might be familiar with the story of how Terry Foster attempted to partner up with me when I first launched this website back in 2003. In March of that year the DSR went live. A few weeks later, Foster — while still at the News — wrote a flattering piece about the site for the paper.

Shortly thereafter, DSR co-founder Gregg Schultz and I met Foster at Mr. Joe’s in Southfield. At that meeting  Foster laid out his plan to join forces with us. He wanted the DSR to go print and become a sports version of the Metro Times. If not for his candy store at Lakeside Mall, his smokehouse in Fraser and his Tex-Mex establishment in Chesterfield, THIS would have been his worst business idea ever.

Yep, Foster tried to get us to switch from digital to PRINT.

In 2003.

While we rejected that asinine idea, we did agree to let Foster freelance for us. We were only a couple of months into this project and had no idea where we wanted to go with it. (Still don’t, actually.) We figured that Foster’s name recognition would be worth a few $125-a-pop articles to get us on the map.

Plus, Foster was giving me great inside dirt on Rob Parker at the time. If you remember, Parker was a columnist back in 2003 while T-Fos was running something called “Page 2” at the News. Foster thought that task was beneath him and that HE should’ve been writing columns instead of Parker. So I was obtaining awesome nuggets about Parker via Foster.

Of course, we told Foster there was NO WAY IN HELL™ (Vince McMahon) that the News would allow him to write for US while he was still taking a paycheck from THEM. Especially since I was slicing and dicing Parker, Lynn Henning and Chris McCosky on a daily basis.

Foster assured us that wouldn’t be an issue. So he submitted an article about the Pistons, I posted it and, sure enough, the News ordered me to take it down immediately. Which I did. Problem was, I had already paid Foster and I never got that $125 back.

But Bone Chip wasn’t done. He still wanted to be involved in the DSR somehow and kept trying to figure out a way to do so. His next brilliant idea was to get Jemele to write Michigan State articles for us. I warned him AGAIN that he didn’t have a shot at the Freep allowing this.

He once again assured me that this would not be an issue. Well, guess what occurred? Hill sent me an MSU column, I threw it up on the DSR and then I got an email from her saying …..

I was a little smarter this time as I was not about to pay Hill unless I KNEW for sure that her work would not have to be removed. But that didn’t stop Hill from demanding payment for an article that I had to remove from the DSR.

Obviously, I told her to take a hike.

Hmmm, demanding payment for something as useless as a Trump University diploma.

I think I found some common ground between Jemele and the President.

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