The Reason Max Bullough Was Suspended … Part III


By Jeff Moss
September 28, 2014

Nine months and two days ago today, Michigan State Spartans’ linebacker Max Bullough was suspended by Mark Dantonio before the biggest game of his entire career. And until this morning, the mystery of WHY Bullough was suspended had gone unsolved.

We went though the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft and Bullough eventually signing a practice squad deal with the Houston Texans without discovering the nature of his transgression, which cost him a chance at playing in the Rose Bowl.

Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press never uncovered the real story. Matt Charboneau of the Detroit News didn’t bother to tell us why a member of MSU’s football royalty wasn’t allowed to play in a game that had been a lifetime dream of the Spartan defensive standout.

All the while, the number of people who knew why Bullough was given the harsh punishment had multiplied since that Boxing Day announcement as he obviously had to spill the beans to every NFL team during his interviews at the combine in Indianapolis.

Until now, all we knew for sure is that Bullough’s suspension wasn’t related to an NCAA violation, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request.

So why did Max Bullough miss the Spartans BCS victory over the Stanford Cardinal?

Well, thanks to the DSR’s pharmaceutical connections, we can now let you in on the secret. Max Bullough was suspended by Dantonio because it was discovered that Bullough was abusing Performance-Enhancing Drugs.

Our sources state that all of this came to a head right before Christmas when Bullough came out of the locker room for a Rose Bowl practice, turned green and burst right out of his uniform.

We even have photographic evidence to support this claim ….


Yes, we are fully aware that we reported just yesterday that Bullough had been suspended because of a drunken hit-and-run accident on campus and the day before that we exclusively told you that Bullough was banned for getting into a fight with an ex-high school teammate — a tale that emanated out of Traverse City from Bullough’s high school baseball coach.

But those stories are not true. This one TOTALLY is. Trust us. Check back with the DSR for any further “developments.”