The “I am Jeff Moss” Movement


By Jeff Moss
November 26, 2014

As you probably already know, Detroit News baseball writer Lynn Henning has a habit of responding to any social media criticism of his asinine takes by claiming that I am the one bashing him.

It doesn’t matter how many followers the Twitter user has, or if their Twitter avi is a nice picture of the intelligent baseball fan with his wife and newborn child. In Lynn Henning’s fucked up universe, every single person who thinks he is a dolt is Poor Jiff Myst.

It’s actually a pathetic coping mechanism because it is much easier to convince yourself that only ONE person in the world thinks you are nuts — as opposed to most every Tigers fan in Detroit.

Anyway, the latest example of this psychotic behavior occurred today when Henning again accused a critic of being me — even though he has been advised by colleagues that I don’t maintain multiple fake accounts for the sole purpose of tormenting him.

Here was that exchange:

Look, I am not even going to get into this asinine argument about Henning’s defense of the Doug Fister trade and his vicious attack on the David Price deal until Henning answers one question … Name the ONE Tigers’ prospect who Dave Dombrowski dealt away that has come back to bite us in the ass.

He refuses to do so. Instead, he continues to warn everyone that Jake Thompson, Willy Adames and Cory Knebel are all going to develop into studs who will make Tigers fans rue the day that DD dealt them away.

I mean, what are the odds of three prospects panning out when the previous 20 have all flamed out in spectacular fashion? Whatever. I was sick and tired of being falsely accused of engaging Henning on his nonsense, so I Tweeted out the following:

In all actuality, I didn’t think many of my followers would do anything since studies show that less than 10% of your active followers actually do any more than lurk.

And I wasn’t just asking for a ReTweet or a Favorite, I was asking them to mock Henning in a direct fashion which probably would lead to him blocking them. The scope of what occurred next shocked me. Here is the “I am Jeff Moss” movement in all of its 140-character glory ….

That’s either A TON of fake Joff Miss accounts or Tigers fans REALLY dislike Lynn Henning.

I’m pretty sure the poor guy got carpal tunnel while blocking these “fake accounts” while on his Key West vacation.

Retire, ya senile fuck.