Terry Foster: The Tone-Deaf, Five-Tool Imbecile


By Jeff Moss
March 1, 2015

The municipality of Detroit is just exiting a painful bankruptcy process. People in the city can’t afford their property taxes.  There is a good chance that you might be reading this article from Chicago, Dallas or Phoenix because the job market in Southeastern Michigan was so bad that you had to uproot your family to make ends meet.

No city in this fine country suffered more from the financial crisis of 2008 than Detroit. While other parts of the U.S. went through a recession, we suffered through an actual depression that both started earlier and lasted longer than it did for pretty much anywhere else in North America.

Why am I bringing this up today? Because, in the face of this economic reality, Detroit News and 97.1 employee Terry Foster had the unmitigated gall to whine about his occupational plight earlier this week in his mind-numbing blog.

As you probably read on this website last week, the News assigned Foster to the Detroit Pistons beat when Vincent Goodwill took his shill act to Chicago to cover the Bulls for Comcast.

Well, as reported here, Foster didn’t want the gig. He first telegraphed his desire to never return to that position back in November in his blog.

It was well known that Foster was bitching to anyone who’d listen that he did not want to replace Goodwill because it would interfere with his radio duties at 97.1 and he’d have to spend time on the road away from his wife and two children.

Now, before I get to the blog Foster posted where he cries about the News forcing this job upon him, let me give you a little background …

Terry Foster makes over $100,000 a year at BOTH 97.1 and the News. I had always assumed that when Foster took the full-time gig at WXYT-AM over a decade ago he had to take some sort of pay cut at the paper because he barely had a presence at the major daily anymore.

But I learned a couple months back from multiple former and current News employees that this wasn’t the case. Somehow, even though Foster was barely writing for the paper, he maintained his full salary. Maybe Governor Scott Walker had the right idea about the power of unions. (I am being generally facetious, but not in this particular case.)

There were months when Foster’s presence at the paper was so minimal or even nonexistent that readers of this site would email me to ask if the two parties had gone their separate ways.

Nope. The News had been paying Foster to do absolutely nothing. And this relationship became more insulting to some News and Free Press employees when Foster started churning out three to four blog posts per week on his OWN website while doing absolutely nothing to earn his six-figure salary at the paper.

While actual journalists were busting their asses for the JOA papers while living paycheck to paycheck and actually having to lie about their primary residence in order to save money on exorbitant car insurance rates, Foster was living high on the hog™ (Foster’s Smokehouse) doing absolutely nothing.

You can imagine how this situation could lead to morale issues, especially when the newspapers are suffering financially and attempting every cost-cutting idea possible — including selling their historic locale to Dan Gilbert and moving to new offices.

So that is the backdrop for what you are about to read. This is Foster’s response on his blog this past Wednesday to the News actually forcing him to earn his keep.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.44.45 AM

Yep, Foster admitted that he didn’t want to go through the “grind” of covering the Pistons because taking commercial flights and staying in nice hotel rooms on the road is the equivalent of digging ditches.

Can you imagine? This man has been literally STEALING money from the News for YEARS and he has the chutzpah to bitch about getting an actual job assignment.

May I remind you this man makes over $100,000 at the paper?

Could YOU imagine posting on your Facebook page that YOU really weren’t happy with the assignment your BOSS gave you because it would interfere with your moonlighting gig; spending time with your family; and your PUBLIC APPEARANCES?

Public appearances?!?!!!!!!

If you didn’t have a strong union like this five-tool imbecile does, how long do you think it would take your superior to put you on the unemployment line upon discovering your social media faux pas?????

How dare the News force this moron into working?

I wonder if Foster is worried that covering the Pistons exclusively will impair his ability to speak intelligently on other sports topics on the “Valenti and Foster” show.

Nah. That can’t be it, because just in 2015(!!!!!!!), the dumbass has already stated the following on the air:

The Kansas City Royals got BLOWN OUT in the 2014 World Series. 

They actually lost in an extremely tight seven-game series and stranded the game-tying run at third base with two outs in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7. If you look up the antonym to “blown out,” you will see a video of Madison Bumgarner pitching to Salvador Perez.

Recently deceased Tigers player Dave Bergman was a pitcher.

He was a first baseman/Designated Hitter and had one of the most famous at-bats during the team’s 1984 championship run. I mean ….

That he hoped the Wings and Canadiens would meet in the Stanley Cup Finals.

It’s a geographic impossibility as they not only play in the same conference but also in the same division.  

Pondered the chances of the Wings trading for Toronto defenseman Cody Franson at the trade deadline. For close to five minutes.

Cody Franson had already been traded by Toronto to Nashville — the best team in the NHL — a week earlier.

Yep. This lazy shitbag who won’t even put the time in to either do show prep or actually pay attention to current sports news makes over $200,000 a year …… to write and talk about sports.

Have you thrown yourself off of a tall building or impaled yourself with a butcher’s knife yet? Overdosed on prescription pharmaceuticals? Or dined at Mariachi’s Cantina?

And while I have gathered information for this story from several current News and Freep employeesnone would go on the record — for obvious reasons.

Although, the former automotive reporter for the News — and current Ford employee — Karl Henkel  did chime in via Twitter regarding Foster’s tone-deaf  blog …..

And if you ever needed proof of how ignorant Foster is, this episode is a 100% DNA match. Because even if Foster thought he’d get sympathy from his readers while he is making over $200,000 combined to mail it in, he is fully aware that the paper is attempting to force him to quit.

So why give them the satisfaction? And why would you admit to them that their plan was working?

DSR reader and local attorney Aaron Herskovic  put it best last week when quoting Lt. Cedric Daniels from “The Wire” explaining to Det. Jimmy McNulty to never reveal the job he DOES NOT WANT to his superiors.

“When they ask you where you don’t want to end up, detective; and they will ask you, don’t tell them.”

Well, William Rawls discovered that Jimmy did not want to ride a boat so this is how Season 2 of the show commenced ….

Not only did Foster tell the bosses that he didn’t want to go on a boat, he is continuing to publicly whine about being on said boat!!!

There isn’t a bigger dummy in this town.