Poor Greg Anthony

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By Jeff Moss
February 28, 2015

I am no prude. Hell, the only reason I have never paid for a prostitute is because the one time I propositioned a “Lady of the Evening” in Las Vegas years ago, she wanted $800 — which I gladly would have paid if I wasn’t already down $2,500 for the trip at the sports book and tables.

I know $800 might sound like a lot of money for a hooker, but this chick looked like Margot Robbie. As a matter fact, this episode at the Palms Hotel occurred back in the day of pirated satellite cards and, a few months after that failed encounter, I saw this exact same girl being interviewed by Juli Ashton on Playboy Channel’s “Night Calls.”

Not only that, but Michael Stone asked me to write a chapter for his “Great Book of Detroit Sports Lists” on the Top 10 Strip Clubs in Motown because he knew I was a huge derelict and a purveyor of that sort of entertainment.

So, I am obviously neither a puritan nor a member of the Religious Right. But can someone explain to me why 97.1 on-air janitorial staff member and University of Detroit JESUIT radio voice Dan Leach not only Tweets out that he is paying for sex but also likes to discuss it on the air?

This was a Leach Tweet from this past Wednesday evening — which has since been deleted — regarding him ordering an escort from Outcall on backpage.com ….


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At first, Leach claimed this was his new girl. Why this court jester thinks anyone would want to see pictures of his whore on Twitter is beyond me, but okay.

It would appear that at some point Leach realized how moronic it was to broadcast to the world that he was paying for sex, so he deleted the Tweet.

Since, ya know, he works for the SAME FUCKING COMPANY as Greg Anthony, who was suspended by CBS for getting caught with a prostitute on January 16th of this year.

And the former Runnin’ Rebel wasn’t merely given a slap on the wrist and told to sit out a few games. He was suspended for the REST OF THE SEASON, including the NCAA tournament.

By CBS. This DUMMY Leach’s employer.

So Leach deleted the original Tweet and then denied actually paying this chick for sex. Which is weird since he was able to confirm she was a real girl to a dubious follower:

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Isn’t Twitter wonderful? It’s the only place where someone pathetic enough to run a Stephen Weiss PARODY account could ask a psychopath radio host if a hooker was real.

And what grown man uses the term, “TOTES”?!?!??!?

I mean ….

And if it isn’t dumb enough that Leach both talks about and Tweets about paying for prostitutes while working for a company that suspends people indefinitely for partaking, I can’t imagine what U of D JESUIT thinks about this.

What’s a Jesuit? Let’s ask Wikipedia ….

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Just stick to Tinder, Dan ……


Most hopeless romantics pay for sex. Ya gotta believe me.