My First Call Ever To Howard Stern


By Jeff Moss
September 19, 2016

So last night at the end of the Emmy Awards broadcast, host Jimmy Kimmel threw out a “Hit Em With the Hein” reset.

It goes without saying that the DSR has had a big hand in the phrase “Hit Em With the Hein” becoming the next “Bababooey” in the Stern Show Galaxy.

To quickly summarize, Stern Show writer Nick Rucker created the catchphrase to describe the low-energy of fellow staffer Jon Hein. And then associate producer Jason Kaplan ran with it. I blasted it out to begin my weekly appearance with Ryan Schuiling in Lansing and that audio became a hot potato between Kaplan and show media producer Jamie Harmeyer. 

Stern finally decided to play my clip — overruling J.D. — and “Hit Em With the Hein” took off like wildfire. It has been screamed out at the U.S. Open and even Matt Millen dropped it during a football broadcast. Yes, THAT Matt Millen.

Now, I have been a fan of Howard Stern for three decades but I have NEVER called into the show. The program is just about my favorite thing in life, but I never felt compelled to call. I left that to Bobo and King of All Blacks.

Until this morning.

Because when I read this Tweet from Hein after the Jimble Kimble recall, I couldn’t believe it …

Yes, the same Jon Hein who supposedly hated “Hit Em With the Hein” THANKED Kimmel for referencing it on the Emmy telecast? So I called Howard to address this situation. And here is that audio ….

I was called a douche bag by Harmeyer and an asshole by Hein. That might have been a bad move by the creator of the phrase “Jump the Shark” as the DSR’s Melrose Jerry Green attends U of M with Hein’s oldest daughter.

I am guessing she might be hearing a “Hit Em With the Hein” soon courtesy of Mihir.

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