Major Changes Coming to U of M Offensive Coaching Staff

This article always comes with the caveat that I don’t know much about college football, but I do have good sources when it comes to the University of Michigan. Not sure how much of this is out there and I don’t have time to look, so here ya go …….

1] To the shock of exactly no one, Jim Harbaugh is looking to shake up his offensive (you could read that either way) coaching staff in a major way after the team’s abysmal production in 2017 that saw the team throw fewer touchdowns than Navy’s triple run option attack (10 to 9) and the changes are coming very soon.

2] The name that is getting a lot of run to replace offensive coordinator Tim Drevno is current Baltimore Ravens offensive assistant and tight ends coach Greg Roman who has a lot of experience with the entire Harbaugh clan.

Here is Roman’s bio from Wikipedia. Hopefully it’s accurate!!!!!

3] Everyone who had a hand in the team’s pathetic offense in 2017 could be part of the shakeup — including Harbaugh’s own son, Jay Harbaugh.

4] Supposedly the first shoe to drop will be the departure of tackles/tight ends coach/run game coordinator Greg Frey and that should happen at any moment. He will be landing at his alma mater Florida State from what I am told.

That’s what I know.

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