Lynn Henning is a Crazy Person Part 18,230


By Jeff Moss
December 10, 2014

Usually when I mock Detroit News goofball Lynn Henning in this space it is in regard to one of his asinine baseball takes. Well, Henning seems to be venturing out into moronic football opinions based on this Tweet from last evening:

I am not going to focus my time on the elderly Brandt’s irresponsible Tweet as Gregg Henson has already taken him to task on his website. The purpose of today’s blog is share some of the back-and-forth discussion between Henning and his poor followers; it is quite remarkable.

The last one being a vague reference to me having mind-control over these folks.

Yep, someone from the Free Press had to jump in to mock poor Lynn ….

We will get to that, ya imbecile ….


This is how paranoid Henning has become; he goes out on a limb that only the Wallendas would use to defend SOMEONE ELSE’S REPORTING!!! Why? Because Lynn Henning knows better than all of you, that’s why.

Except for one thing ……

Thankfully for @joshsko318, Chris Mortensen was around to douse water on this nonsensical report from Gil Brandt so @joshsko318 didn’t have to disprove a negative or get Ol’ Gil on the horn. And I am the only one who pictures Gil Brandt on a rotary-style phone calling his “sources” looking for information on a topic he knows absolutely nothing about?

What the fuck is WRONG WITH THIS GUY?

Anyway, I have heard some rumors over the last couple of weeks that Henning might be on the verge of retiring or at least stepping down from his Tigers-related beat duties. It is very odd that Tony Paul and Chris McCosky are both in San Diego covering the Winter Meetings while Lynn is off in Georgia defending erroneous Tweets.

The Winter Meetings were a Lynn Henning staple for YEARS, so why isn’t he there?

I have mixed feelings about Henning either stepping down or taking a lesser role. It is the same feeling Harvey Levin probably has every day about the well-being of Lindsey Lohan. I mean, what would TMZ  do if Lohan dropped dead?

Also, if Henning does step away from the Tigers beat and the News replaces him with McCosky and not Paul …… well ……. does ISIS have a recruiting office anywhere near 15 Mile and Orchard Lake Road?