Lynn Henning Has To Be Suffering From Dementia


By Jeff Moss
September 14, 2014

I am going to present the following without comment.

This paragraph is from Lynn Henning’s column THIS AFTERNOON about last night’s Tigers game.

It didn’t matter Saturday and it doesn’t matter as the Tigers go forward for however long they yet play this year.  [Joe] Nathan is their closer. There are no other realistic options even if the Tigers were of a mind to scoff at those 31 saves and opt for more of a mainstream fireball artist who, obviously, isn’t on their roster.

That article was posted at 1:34 TODAY.

This missive was Tweeted from Mr. Henning’s account four hours and eights minutes later at 5:42pm …..

OK. I am going to comment. If this man isn’t suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, what the FUCK is going on here??????????