Irrelevant Out-State Radio Host Week Continues at the DSR

On November 5, 2016 (three days before the Presidential Election) I posted an article on this website where I minced no words about my future affiliation with anyone voting for Donald Trump. 

Win or lose, I made it ABUNDANTLY clear that anyone voting for the orange narcissist would no longer have a place in my life. Here is the full text of that statement ….

Not a ton of ambiguity in that missive. And while I was 100% wrong about the chances this deranged country would actually elect this madman (a miscalculation partially born out of denial on my part), I have been vindicated by what I predicted would occur if this psychopath gained the highest office in the land.

So why am I rehashing this today? I had friends going back three decades that I have not spoken with since November 8th. Most folks understood my stand. Well, ALMOST everyone.

As most of you know, I used to make weekly appearances on Ryan Schuilings radio program in Lansing and, for a short period of time, on his previous show in Grand Rapids before his co-worker Bill Simonson put an end to that. All of that came to an abrupt halt after the election as a result of social media posts like this …..

There were many, many other posts which also infuriated me to no end. including blaming Trump’s victory on Samantha Bee and Larry Wilmore, but I will spare you good people those screengrabs.

So, I stopped doing his show cold turkey. And when Schuiling continued to post stupid and ignorant shit regarding Trump or politics I bombed him for it. Nobody has ever been exempt from this treatment. It’s quite hilarious that Schuiling of all people wouldn’t understand this. If anyone should know my behavior patterns it is HIM.

It’s not like my rap sheet isn’t well known. It’s funny how folks in the media love me and use me for their own personal agendas until they don’t. Terry Foster was a huge fan of the DSR when he was feeding me negative info on Rob Parker. Hell, he attempted to become my partner in this venture!!!! And then when I turned the spotlight on him, he abandoned ship in less time than the lifespan of Fosters Smokehouse. 

This phenomenon has repeated itself with everyone from Matt Dery to Mike Valenti. The most outlandish example might be Scott “The Virgin Hippopotamus” Anderson, who used to send me FAN MAIL when this site first debuted in 2003. I shit you not. Fuck, I’d give my left nut to be able to retrieve those old AOL messages. Anderson went from being a DSR fanboy to refusing to sign an autograph for my wife.

Did this dope Schuiling REALLY think I’d just just stay mum and ignore Tweets like this …..

“10 people in the group liked it” kills me every god damn time.  I mean, this is ONE of the ten:

I WISH I was making that up.

This all reached critical mass yesterday when Schussolini decided to go after Brian Cook (EIC of for a joke Cook Tweeted linking Michigan State football and the horrific events in Virginia last weekend ….

I am not here to litigate whether Cook’s original post was funny or not. I really couldn’t care less. What is incredible to me is that a man who voted for DONALD TRUMP would play the timing, taste and judgment card. We are talking about an imbecile who STILL supports a man who insulted John McCain’s service to this country. Labeled his sexual exploits while trying to avoid sexually transmitted diseases his “personal Vietnam.” Insulted a Gold Star family. Mocked a journalist with physical disabilities. Made an insulting comment regarding Megyn Kelly’s time of the month. Allegedly raped his ex-wife. Allegedly sexually assaulted scores of other women. Spoke of grabbing women “by their pussy.” I mean, do I need to list off anything else? Because TRUST ME, I could.

This is the fucking pile of human waste Schuiling voted for. Not to run a BLOG devoted to Michigan athletics, but to lead the FREE WORLD. And this low-rated, career nothing has the audacity …. the chutzpah ….. the utter nerve to attack Cook’s judgment or taste?

Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

Dummies like Schuiling have enabled Trump and the White Nationalists who LOVE them some #MAGA. But do you want to know what really offended Schuiling? MGoBrian making a joke.

I have done my best to ignore Schuiling since I ceased to associate myself with him. Yes, I have taken shots at him on Twitter and Facebook, but until now I haven’t dedicated a long, main page article to this situation. I have basically treated him with kid gloves because I didn’t want to upset a common friend. (You can expect a gift from Wesley Berry any day, Miranda.)

And trust me, I am still writing THIS article with one arm tied behind my back.

Even when this passive aggressive shitbag tried to play the victim card on Twitter, I didn’t go anywhere NEAR Full Mess on him.

Oh, woe is me. And I didn’t even wish a pre-existing condition on the dolt.

Maybe he’ll get a pre-existing condition IS NOT the same as WISHING it on him. My point was the pea-brained fool — who whined about his government-provided healthcare that he wouldn’t even have if not for 44 — shouldn’t be doing so since it’s more than he’d get under the folks HE VOTED FOR. Especially if he did have a pre-existing condition. [Trout] forbid.

It was a clear attempt to twist my words and garner sympathy for himself. Hey, instead of bitching about your ObamaCare that seems to be working well for MANY people …..

….. how about not working as an “independent contractor” and going to get a job with real benefits that include healthcare? Who put the gun to your head and said you have to work in the sports radio business which is an absolute disaster of a career save for a select few? I thought you Republicans believed in survival of the fittest? Rugged individualism?

You are 40-plus years old and in a small market doing a two-hour midday program in which you almost solely rely on a bunch of Y-List guests. Ya might as well be playing for the Lugnuts while still thinking you are going to make the Blue Jays at your age.

“I pay over $200/mo.” 

For healthcare? And you expect to have some Rolls Royce plan? My CONTRIBUTION for my medical insurance on my wife’s plan is more than that, for Christ’s sake.

Now I hear the guy cries to people about how mean I’ve been to him. Tells folks that I never would have been on Howard Stern if not for him. Is he fucking Sirius? I would have been part of Stern Show lore due to me being the first to yell out “Hit Em With The Hein” if I had done it on my own show at Podcast Detroit or on his program. It’s not like Stern Show producer Jason Kaplan — the conduit to getting my clip to Stern’s console — is a listener of 92.1 in Lansing!!!!!! He is a fucking friend of mine for Christ’s sake and a Twitter follower!!!!!

And please, please tell us again how Stern and Private Parts inspired you to go into radio considering I don’t think you could pick High Pitch Erik or Beetlejuice out of a lineup. Ya damn poseur.

I have also heard through back channels that Schuiling complains that I showed no loyalty to him even though he stuck his neck out to put me on the air. Once again, YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING .. YOU KNEW (another Stern show reset that just went over his head) what came with the Jiff Myst package.

Anyone putting me on the air knows what that entails. You made a Faustian bargain to get more retraction in Detroit (yet another Stern Show bit Ryan won’t comprehend) and if that cost you a gig with the West Michigan Whitecaps or a PA job at Breslin, I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re a grown man. If you didn’t think associating yourself with me would have some benefit than you wouldn’t have done it.

Which is why Schuiling tried to get me to destroy Simonson in the first place. Trust me, if it were up to Schuiling I would have even gone further than I did in bashing Huge Pile of Shit. I am not going to publish his emails (now, anyway) but you wouldn’t believe the road maps this guy gave me in trying to take down his nemesis. If I followed through on all of Schuiling’s emails I would have had to rename this place the BillSimonsonSportsRag dot com.

But maybe the dude is that dumb.

So….  let’s recap. The man is for gay rights, pro-choice, against the separation of church and state and only has ANY health care because of the Democrats.

Oh, and he once compared Trump to Simonson. Because they are both racists.

While I was finishing this article Trump gave a press conference that I can’t even summarize so I will let some of the people I follow on Twitter do the trick ….



I think we are done here.

Is it still too soon to make a judgment on Trump? Is the jury STILL out? We are on the verge of a civil war and a nuclear holocaust and the President is a White Supremacist but please, PLEASE remind me again that I was wrong about Trump’s chances to win the “dump” of a White House.

And now I need to go take a shower because I can’t believe I just wrote a 1,600 word article about an irrelevant Lansing sports midday radio host.

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