A Message to My Facebook Friends


By Jeff Moss
November 5, 2016

Facebook Friends,

Only three days left. If you are voting for Donald Trump please unfriend me because I really do believe you ARE a deplorable human being.

I have already preemptively unfriended (or hid) many of you morons who would support such a despicable cunt.

I am not looking for a debate here. I am just telling you that you’ve been judged.

You’ve decided to hand the keys to the free world over to the most unprepared dipshit in the history of the Republic. A racist. A xenophobe. A science denier. A person who has sexually assaulted nearly a dozen women. A human being with zero moral fiber. A pathological liar. Calling him a misogynist is kind.

There is nothing redeeming about this “human being.” At all. Including his Stepford Children.

If you are voting for him you’ve aligned yourself with the KKK, the Aryan Nation, the KGB and Islamic terrorists. These are the groups also desirous of a Trump presidency.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, the country has already lost. At a minimum 42 to 43% of you think Donald Trump is qualified to declare a nuclear war with ZERO OVERSIGHT.

If you REALLY want to commit suicide, I would rather you wake up Tuesday morning, go into your garage, turn your car on and DON’T open the garage door. Just click on Breitbart or Drudge and read whatever nonsense of your choosing until the fumes overcome you.

Just leave the rest of us alone with your death wish. The ones who don’t want a psychopath with the nuclear briefcase. Or who don’t want the Paris Agreement overturned by an orange fascist.

And you are welcome to post a comment here telling me that HRC killed Vince Foster or cry about meaningless emails or spew your Sean Hannity talking points about the Clinton Foundation.

You can even bring up Juanita Broaddrick or Gennifer Flowers or DNA stained dresses.

Please do. I would rather have you imbeciles out in the open.

It will be easier to block you fucks forever.

Have a nice weekend,


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