In a Town of Awful, Vincent Goodwill Junior Might Be the Worst


By Jeff Moss
January 9, 2015

A few weeks ago, it was discovered in a New Republic article about basketball writer Adrian Wojnarowski that former Pistons General Manager Joe Dumars was fined $500,000 by David Stern for leaking confidential league memos ostensibly in exchange for positive coverage from the NBA’s premiere journalist.

Many years ago, this website reported that Dumars “loaned” Detroit News columnist Rob Parker $5,000 for a book deal that went bad and, in exchange, Joe D. received puff pieces from the uber-cynical Parker for years.

Knowing that Dumars had perfected a quid pro quo relationship with certain media members over his tenure as President of the Pistons, one can only guess whether the exec had an arrangement with Detroit News beat writer Vincent Goodwill, Jr.

Because, for all of the water that Parker and Wojnarowski carried for Dumars over the years, it pales in comparison to what “Gunga Din” Goodwill, Jr. has done since becoming the News writer covering the Pistons beat a few year back.

Over the years, Goodwill, Jr. absolved Dumars for almost all of his failings. Junior wrote puff pieces about Charlie Villanueva; supported the Austin Daye selection to the bitter end; and NEVER criticized either Joe D. or the organization for refusing to bite the bullet and amnesty Ben Gordon … a move that eventually cost the team a first-round pick in 2014.

Perusing Junior’s Twitter feed for Dumars mentions is higher comedy than a triple bill of Chris Rock, Louis CK and Anthony Jeselnik. Because I love you folks, I provide you the following ……

And of course, the obligatory Wojnarowki Re-Tweet when “Woj” lived up to his end of the leaked-memo bargain ….

Junior had so perfected the gig as Dumars’ propagandist-in-chief that he inspired a Twitter parody account with the name @VGoodshill which is closing in on 900 followers. That might seem like a modest number but it is 300 more followers than the Pistons pre- and postgame host that Detroit Sports 105.1 employs. Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.22.11 PM   Anyway, Junior’s shilling for Joe Dumars did not end when owner Tom Gores fired the former Pistons shooting guard and replaced him with Stan Van Gundy. Nope. If anything, the Joe propagandizing has gotten worse.  

Can you imagine how indebted you would have to be to Dumars to blame Van Gundy for the JOSH SMITH problem?!??!!??

“Dumars isn’t here. Stop blaming him.” As I have written previously, that would be like blaming President Obama for all of America’s problems ….. on Valentine’s Day, 2009.

“Yeah, I know Dubya was in charge for the last eight years, but why hasn’t this new guy completely turned around this country in the last 25 days??!??!??!”

When the Pistons parted ways with Smith last month, Junior doubled-down on his ignorant take in an article titled, “Josh Smith misused in Pistons’ Slow Start.”

Incredibly — in both his Tweets and his article — Junior attempted to exonerate Dumars (the man who gave Smith a 4-year, $54-million deal!!!!) while blaming Van Gundy for not either trading Smith IMMEDIATELY or using him correctly in the rotation.

Right. It’s Stan’s fault that he didn’t panic and trade Josh Smith the moment SVG landed in Detroit — even though the only reported trade partner was Sacramento. The Kings wanted to send the Pistons some of their garbage (Jason Thompson and Derrick Williams) in exchange for Dumars’ remaining tumor.

Let’s hang Van Gundy in effigy for either attempting to drive up Smith’s trade value or seeing if he could somehow coexist with the guy instead of ripping Dumars for handing the forward $13.5 million per year for FOUR YEARS.

But that’s exactly what this dipshit did in his December 29 article ….

Make no mistake, the water certainly will level out. The Pistons won’t play this well for the rest of the season, and this isn’t to make Smith the villain.

He was placed in a position he was ill-equipped to handle — and it shouldn’t have taken perhaps a throwing away of a season to determine that.

He was placed in a position he was ill-equipped to handle? Right. And who is the dolt who gave him $54 million when he already had Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond on the roster, which meant Smith was going to have to get most of his minutes at the 3??!!???!?!

The same piece-of-shit shill who NEVER criticized Dumars for failing to either unload Villanueva or amnesty Gordon actually thinks it is fair to bomb SVG for not figuring out the Josh Smith Enigma in under 28 games???!??!??!?

This is a head-scratcher even for THIS city. Junior spent years making EVERY excuse for Dumars you could think of, from Karen Davidson putting the clamps on him to Gores’ impatience forcing bad moves.

In Goodshill’s eyes, Dumars was never culpable for any of his failures. Meanwhile, Van Gundy’s honeymoon didn’t even last until the All-Star Break.

Pistons could’ve traded Smith, or Monroe this summer and Dumars didn’t bring in these FA’s. Dumars is gone.

Remember those asinine words when the Pistons make the playoffs this season BECAUSE of Van Gundy and in spite of Dumars’ habitual incompetence.

Finally, news broke earlier today that New Orleans Pelicans’ ownership might be interested in replacing current GM Dell Demps with Dumars at the end of this season.

Hopefully, the Louisiana native gets the Pelicans job and lands his lapdog a gig at the New Orleans Times-Picayune.