I am Living Rent-Free in Lynn Henning’s Head


By Jeff Moss
January 7, 2015

Detroit News baseball writer Lynn Henning is a kook. We all know he is losing it and his behavior on Twitter is becoming more bizarre and unhinged by the day.

On New Year’s Day, Henning broke out a new obsession and this one may be odder than his infatuation with Dave Dombrowski’s Cary Grant-like appearance.

For some reason, Henning was incensed about Baylor offensive coordinator Kendal Briles — the son of Bears’ head coach, Art. Why? Hey, just because I am living rent-free in Lynn’s head doesn’t mean I know what the fuck is going on up here.

Here were Mr. Imperfect’s Tweets during the Cotton Bowl ……

Six Tweets about the Briles family??!??!? WTF? But Henning wasn’t done just because the Cotton Bowl ended. His rant continued two days later ……

More Briles during the Lions/Cowboys game ….

And finally, this morning ….

This latest Henning fetish should appear on the TLC show, “My Strange Addiction.” Ya know, the program that deals with women who want to have sex with the Eiffel Tower. Anyway, a DSR reader decided to question Lynn’s creepy infatuation with Art and Kendal Briles this morning ….

Yes, I have an attraction to Kendal Briles. Because …… ya know ….. I’ve never said one word about the guy. What the fuck is WRONG WITH THIS GUY?!?!?!? And I feel threatened? Not to mention, what the hell is with that veiled homophobic blast?

Of course, any Lynn nervous breakdown wouldn’t be complete without him accusing everyone on Twitter who thinks he is awful of being Poor ‘Ol Joffrey Must.

Now, I am not accusing Henning of being homophobic because of that asinine Tweet. I can’t really explain how I know that right now but the issue will probably become crystalized over the next couple of weeks.

No. He is very accepting of the LGBT community.

He’s just a fucking wacko.