Here is Why Tony Paul Is Not A Tigers Beat Writer

If you ever wondered why Detroit Tigers Vice President of Communications Ron Colangelo went to the Detroit News a couple years ago and told the higher-ups that the team didn’t want Tony Paul covering the organization for the major daily, well the last few weeks should have answered that riddle.

The juxtaposition of the actual reporting that Paul has been doing at the News recently with the backdrop of the sycophantic press the Tigers are getting from the dipshits actually employed to cover the Tigers could not be starker.

Just look at the difference between Paul’s ongoing coverage of Miguel Cabrera’s paternity suit with his baby’s momma and Miggy’s divorce, and the journalistic gymnastics Chris McCosky, Lynn Henning and Anthony Fenech are performing to defend and run interference for this wayward organization.

Do you think the Tigers actually want the Cabrera news that Paul is reporting out there for all to read? That the team’s $30-million dollar-a-year first baseman fathered two children out of wedlock with a mistress and is now being sued by that woman for child support? Or that on the eve of the 2017 season, Cabrera’s wife Rosangel had finally had enough of her husband? It’s really shocking that Paul broke this story and not the three morons I referenced above. Ya gotta believe me.

You want a reason for Cabrera’s hilariously polar opposite home and road splits this past season? Well, I provided a road map earlier this year and Paul just gave you the Google Earth version of why Miggy was pretty good at home and Don Kelly bad on the road in 2017.  And yet, there are some fucks on Twitter who think the Cabrera saga is not newsworthy.


And if you don’t think Paul is pissing off the Tigers with his dogged and thorough reporting, just read Avila’s response to a question about whether or not Cabrera’s off-the-field issues impacted his horrid 2017 performance …..

“I’m not going to address any of his personal issues, because they’re all personal. But for me, I do believe the main reason that Miguel Cabrera did not perform as well as we’re accustomed to seeing is because of his injuries.

If Avila actually believes this (he most certainly does not) then I have a bridge that connects the two Michigan peninsulas to sell him.

Cabrera’s personal issues stopped being private back when he bullied a kid at the Townsend Hotel by calling him fat. Or when he went out drinking with the CHICAGO WHITE SOX during the final weekend of a pennant race. Or when he got into a domestic dispute with Rosangel that left both of their faces scratched. Or when he threatened to blow up a restaurant after driving super drunk.

And while Paul is out doing ACTUAL journalism, Fenech, Henning and McCosky have all been circling the wagons for the organization.

Henning wrote a piece entitled, “Tigers Make Shrewd Move in Landing Gardenhire.” Just read this SHIT and try not to vomit in your mouth …

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Officer Barbrady chimed in with this utter nonsense ….

Right, because men in their sixties always do a 180 on their professional ethos that late in life. I mean, this is a guy who didn’t really understand how the Internet worked …… in 2012!!!!! I am sure McCosky already has started work on his Tigers All-Star break grades slideshow with Gardenhire getting an A+.

And then you have the sexually -harassing, PT-Cruiser-flipping Fenech. (Speaking of which, why is Fenech the only person still employed who sexually harassed a co-worker? Poor Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly.)

This piece of human debris wrote a column titled, “Adding Ron Gardenhire a Good Move For The Tigers” and was effusive with praise of the move …..

Still wondering why Tony Paul will have to leave Detroit if he ever wants to cover a Major League Baseball team for a major daily?

And if you want to understand why the GardenHIRE was disastrous, just read reigning ALCS MVP Justin Verlander’s comments  regarding the difference between Detroit and Houston in a recent Sports Illustrated article …..

According to this piece, the Tigers were already behind the eight-ball with a youthful manager that went to DARTMOUTH, and now they’ve hired an old-school relic who just told Avila and Company what they wanted to hear regarding analytics so he could get another seven-figure gig.

Look, math is ALWAYS important.

Analytics are crucial whether you have a $200 million payroll or are a rebuilding organization that will likely lose over 100 games the next couple of seasons.

And the dismissal of the importance of sabermetrics by Henning, McCosky and Fenech is almost as maddening as the fact that they are all employed to cover the Tigers while the ONE GUY in town with the balls to adequately do the job is basically black balled.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

Who knew George Orwell was a Tigers fan?