Graham Couch Is An Ignorant Unfunny Cunt

In all of the hysteria from right-wing dipshits like Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and purveyor of shitty pizza “Papa” John Schnatter regarding some unproven correlation between lower football ratings and African-American players peacefully protesting police brutality, another potential explanation has been ignored ….

The fact that some folks of good conscience might not be watching football any longer because of the brutal nature of the sport and brain injuries impacting the players’ ability to live normal lives after they can no longer play.

One such person is Tony Schwartz — the guilt-ridden co-author of Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” — who Tweeted this out today after Michigan quarterback Brandon Peters was forced out of today’s game against Wisconsin with a brain injury….

I don’t think I have to explain to you why brain damage isn’t a good thing. The hole in Junior Seau’s chest and the who thinks it’s appropriate to make a JOKE about a STUDENT ATHLETE who might have just had his brain rattle around in his head ….

Yep, Graham Couch, the shitbag columnist for the Lansing State Journal. The Stage 4 Imbecile who believes kids should be forced to attend school on Martin Luther King Day, who thinks he would be a better college basketball coach than Roy Williams, and who once stated on a radio show that if he were a stud college QB he’d be doing cocaine off a cheerleader’s fake tits.

Anyone watching the U of M game was sickened by the sight of Peters struggling to get to his feet. It clearly seemed like a brain injury from Jump Street and the TEENAGER ended up going directly to the hospital for tests.

And Dopey Sofa thought it would be HILARIOUS to make light of the situation.

Hey, Graham, you aren’t very bright and you aren’t Anthony Jeselnik, so shut the FUCK UP. Of course, Couch was immediately nuked by a variety of intelligent posters on Twitter ….

The guy was getting murdered for this asinine Tweet by MSU fans, Michigan supporters, fellow journalists and just about anyone with a god damn pulse.

So did Couch apologize? Of course not. Instead, he attempted to defend his idiocy …..

First of all, Dizzy Dean was making the joke about HIMSELF, not a 19-year-old sophomore in college who just had his brain scrambled.

Secondly, that self-effacing joke was made in 1934!!!!!

Real timely, asshat.

Was Couch saying that Peters is dumb? And if not, what was even the point of this 83-year-old reset?

It was stupid. It wasn’t funny. It made zero sense.

And for this dolt to blame the nearly universal condemnation of his Tweet on political correctness is typical Graham Couch cluelessness.

I am not easily offended. At all.

It takes something like a schmuck like you having a job to really piss me off.

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