Follow-Up On the Geoffrey Prichard Story

When I last left you, the psychopath who tagged the mother of Aly Raisman on Twitter and scolded her that she was somehow responsible for Larry Nassar sexually assaulting her daughter was threatening to sue me.

Geoffrey Prichard was the latest person in a long line of idiots who have warned me that I’d be hearing from his lawyer regarding defamation when all I had done was tell the truth using the fool’s OWN WORDS.

He promised that that I’d be hearing from his attorney. Do you know what people who plan to sue you do? They SUE YOU.

They don’t send messages on LinkedIn trying to bully you.

I told Prichard that he shouldn’t contact me; he should have his attorney call mine. I proceeded to give him my lawyer’s contact information and requested his attorney’s name so I could alert mine to expect the call.

Now, there are over 35,000 active attorneys in the state of Michigan. What are the odds that the lawyer’s name he provided me is a co-worker of my attorney????????? At the same firm!!!!!

Hahhahhahahahhahahhaha. Oops.

And this isn’t one of the huge firms in Metro Detroit, either.

So on SUNDAY NIGHT, my extremely ethical attorney had to scramble to reach the people in his office and instruct them NOT to take any information from this guy — if he were to call — and to alert him to the obvious conflict of interest.

By the way, can you imagine Prichard calling an attorney and trying to explain his case????

“Yes, hi. This weekend I harassed the mother of a sexual assault victim online. Someone was able to identify me and wrote an article about it. I’d like you to sue that person for me.

Oh yeah, the woman I harassed is the mother of one of the most beloved Olympic athletes in recent memory. I almost forgot to mention that. 

If you’re still drawing a blank, I’ll refer you to last Friday’s New York Times. Her victim impact statement was printed in full in that edition.”

I mean, I don’t even know if Todd Macaluso would take this matter up.

Oh yeah, along with his attorney’s name, I also received this ….

If I had a dollar for every single time I was told I screwed the wrong person, I’d already have a legal defense fund set up.

[DSR Tangent: I have never had much luck with the name Geoffrey. When I was a kid, I would get birthday and Chanukah cards/checks from my paternal grandma addressed to “Geoffrey.”

After this had happened over a period of years, I finally asked my dad why grandma spelled my name incorrectly.  She HAD to know it was “Jeffrey.”

He told me that when I was born she wanted my parents to spell it Geoffrey, so that’s how she was going to address me in writing. Ummmm, okay then. End of DSR Tangent.]

So I just sat back and waited for my attorney to tell me how many millions this case was going to cost

Of course, I didn’t hear anything until Monday evening…when I received this LinkedIn message from Prichard ……

Oh, yeah, which attorney was that?

My 15 followers? Yeah, the story already has been uniquely viewed over 9,000 times.

So, after insulting my website’s reach, now you want a favor? You didn’t ask nicely, fuckface. You prefaced the request with an insult littered with poor grammar.

Anyway, I did go back to the original story and edited out his daughter’s name and picture. Not as a favor to this Trump-supporting shithead, but because his 12-year-old daughter (allegedly) already has it bad enough with this guy as a father.

And I am still dubious it was the daughter posting in the first place. What kind of pre-teen uses the phrase, “Michigan lib slappies?”

And this is the guy who is lecturing Lynn Raisman on how to raise a child?

The real favor would be for this jackass to give his kid(s) up for adoption.

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