DSR’s Version of William Clay Ford, Sr. Jersey Patch


by Jeff Moss
July 21, 2014

We all know that longtime Lions captor owner William Clay (Fredo) Ford, Sr. died on March 9th of this year. Some mourned his passing while others (this website) threw a celebratory party.

Anyway, the Detroit Lions organization has decided to mourn the worst owner in the history of professional sports not named Donald Sterling with a patch. The emancipated players will wear that piece of material on their jersey during the 2014 season.

Here is the patch honoring the owner who presided over a franchise that won a whopping ONE playoff game during his six decade rule of terror …..


And here is the DSR patch that we will be wearing during Jim Caldwell’s first season as the head coach of the Detroit Lions ……


Excuse me now. I have an Allen Park detective on the holding line.

(Artwork by Jonathan Thomas. Not sure he wants that disclosed though.)