Drew Sharp’s Enabler OUT at the Freep

I am not sure how I missed this, but Kevin Bull is out at the Detroit Free Press. The former sports editor was recently forced to resign according to Steve Neavling of the essential Detroit website MotorCityMuckraker.com.

The news was first reported by Detroit News sportswriter Tony Paul on July 17th via Twitter:

You might remember Bull from this website’s reporting on the Drew Sharp plagiarism scandal. The late troll not only stole the work of blogger David Harns but then lied — REPEATEDLY — to his boss about his thievery.

Back in the fall of 2015, Bull had just been promoted to replace Gene Myers as the chief of the Freep’s sports department. The Sharp Saga was his first crisis, and Bull blinked. Bull privately suspended Sharp, but the  discipline was never announced and Bull refused to address the situation to either the local or national media.

Meanwhile, Bull’s own tenure at the paper as sports editor didn’t even last two years. According to Neavling, Bull was forced out for inappropriate behavior™ (Fox News) ….

I was also told by another source that almost everyone in the sports department despised Bull and his departure was celebrated. Furthermore, I was advised that the reason Mark Snyder left the paper (and the U of M beat) was due to his distaste for Bull. Not that Snyder was a big loss (that rat carried the water for Michael Rosennebbish’s old witch hunt of Rich Rodriguez), but it is humorous that Snyder left over Bull and then Bull was forced out.

Kind of like the Freep’s version of Reince Priebus and Anthony Scaramucci.

The once prestigious sports section had already disintegrated under the “leadership” of Myers but got even worse under Bull — from the Sharp plagiarism ordeal, to allowing Mitch Albom to cover the Lions despite his multiple conflicts, to employing a derelict like Anthony Fenech.

As of this writing, the paper has not announced a replacement for Bull which isn’t shocking since they never bothered to replace Sharp when he died. They also haven’t replaced Albom who writes about four sports columns a year.

I wouldn’t hold out any hope that Bull’s former position will be filled by someone who will come in and clean house. Red Wings PR spokesperson Helene St. James should be the first to go and only Dave Birkett is really worth keeping on. Whoever takes over this role will probably operate the department in a business-as-usual fashion though.

On the positive side, both the sports editor who turned a blind eye to plagiarism and the executive editor (Robert Huschka) who refused to comment on the situation have now been forced out. I guess we’ll take whatever “W” we can get.

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