Dan Leach Is Mental


By Jeff Moss
July 16, 2014

CBS Radio has no respect for you. If you need any further proof of their continued pattern of defecating on its audience I give you Exhibit Q …. their afternoon drive show on 97.1 this week featuring Terry Foster and Dan Leach — who is filling in for a vacationing Mike Valenti.

If you aren’t an insomniac you might not be familiar with Dan Leach’s work. He usually appears on 97.1 around 3am weekdays and while I have never actually heard the this guy on the air, I have read his simple-minded, fanboyish Tweets and viewed his Vine promos for his show, which are one part Ultimate Warrior with a splash of a coked-up Bronson Pinchot in True Romance.

If you go to this maniac’s Vine page you have to wonder how he has avoided institutionalization.

Anyway, 97.1 decided to insult you dolts who haven’t discovered either satellite radio or iTunes in the year 2014 by placing the imbecile Foster with the talentless Leach. The only reason I know this is because I got barraged with messages from DSR readers about this atrocious pairing.

One of these missives did get my attention though. A Twitter follower sent me the following exchange between Leach and a chick he briefly met at a movie screening:


You see, this Emma chick is an intern for some company in the Metro Detroit area and she was part of some contest where you had to get Re-Tweets to win. Believe it or not, she is an acquaintance of a DSR Facebook member.

So she was GOING to ask Leach for this favor when the creep responded with an offer to take her to a park. Little Red Riding Hood had a better chance of coming out of her encounter with the Big Bad Wolf unscathed …….

I was told by various sources that Leach actually went on the air today and was bragging to Foster that he was a great flirter. Hahahahahhahahaa. I mean, who would go on a radio show and say that? Especially when there was evidence on social media he was HORRIBLE at it. From the previous day!!!!

So being the dick that I am, I decided to have fun with this loon. I created a fake Emma Williams Twitter account that was one letter off the real thing. Here is what went down.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 6.28.52 PM

Let’s defff talk. I mean, who SAYS THIS SHIT?

I then got the following DIRECT MESSAGE from Leach ….

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 6.29.17 PM

Sweet ems? Now keep in mind he barely knows this girl.

At this point I turned this matter over to the DSR’s Catfisher-in-Chief Matt Pierson. You might remember Pierson’s work in duping Foster into calling me a Nazi.

Here are the messages between fake Emma and Leach.


Unfortunately, my IDIOT “fans” started Tweeting to Leach that he was being pranked. I mean, what DUMMIES.

HEY!! Thanks a lot. By the way, THIS is the Kennedy who hasn’t been assassinated?????

So how did this end? Well, after being mocked by several people on the TwatBox, Leach sent the following message ….


Show purposes? Well, I don’t think the answer to his question will make the 97.1 airwaves since the mere mention of Jeff Moss, Jiff Myst, Jeff Muss or DetroitSportsRag gets dumped ……


Feel bad for ya? Poor Matt Pierson. A guy who paints his face maize and blue (he didn’t go to Michigan), allegedly urinates in his shorts and hits on anything that moves on Twitter feels bad for ya.

I’d deathmurdersuicide myself if I were you.

Oh. And did I mention Pierson’s nieces outfitted him in makeup for his Catfishing date with Leach?????


What a fucking websight.