Wings Playing Great While Their Media Still Sucks


By Jeff Moss
October 26, 2016

The Detroit Red Wings are in the midst of a five-game winning streak. Due to an injury to the overpaid and extremely overrated Justin Abdelkader, this website’s favorite player, Andreas Athanasiou, is in the lineup and is wreaking havoc.

And it doesn’t appear that the cooked Niklas Kronwall is anywhere close to returning to the lineup meaning Ryan Sproul will seemingly continue to get an opportunity to display his talents. There is a lot to enjoy regarding the Wings, but the imbeciles who cover this team — either for a living or a hobby — aren’t on that list.

Let’s start with bought-and-paid-for blogger George Malik of the “Malik Report,” who has gone on a social media blitz regarding the Jakob Chychrun situation. And this despicable, low-character charlatan can’t receive enough scorn for his behavior.

You might remember a couple months back when I wrote an article about Malik’s relationship with mortgage broker midget Dan Milstein. As you probably know, Milstein also in recent years masqueraded as Pavel Datsyuk’s agent.

Well, Malik contributed to a pathetic Q & A with Milstein about his “agent business” where Malik lobbed softball after softball to the minuscule broker. It was embarrassing for all involved but the most egregious part of the entire charade was Malik’s failure to disclose that he was on Milstein’s payroll.

Malik and his patron “Kulka’s Korner” spread this diseased Q & A on social media without a disclaimer that it was paid propaganda. Keep all of that in mind when I get to the meat of today’s transgression.

On Friday evening Malik started this campaign to calm down Red Wings fans reacting to Chychrun’s success with the Arizona Coyotes. Here was his Tweet:


Of course, you remember that the Red Wings had the opportunity to draft Chychrun with the 16th pick in this past June’s Entry Draft, but instead decided to ship Datsyuk’s dead contract to Arizona in exchange for the 20th pick in the first round as well as a second-round selection.

Many considered Chychrun to be the best defenseman prospect in the entire 2016 draft, yet he fortuitously fell into Ken Holland’s lap at 16. Instead of rushing up to the podium to snag the Sarnia Sting blueliner, Holland dealt this Willy Wonka “Golden Ticket” away so he could rid himself of the albatross Datsyuk contract.

The one that had he negotiated. Front-loaded. When he knew #13 was desirous of returning his home country.

…. but Cholowski could very well be a first-pair defenseman down the line.”

Let’s be clear about something. Cholowski was a reach at #20. A project. NOBODY had him rated that high. Many had him pegged as a second-round pick after he was listed as a “C” prospect entering his draft year.

And while a growth spurt raised Cholowski’s status, he was still a defenseman who was considered to be “very raw,” “a noticeable step down from the top tier of defenders eligible for the draft,” lacking “strong defensive positioning” and “quite skinny.”

Kind of reminds me of Eric Ebron’s strengths and weaknesses coming out of North Carolina before the Lions drafted him.

“He’s really good, but has issues catching the ball and blocking.” Well, aren’t those kind of important for a TIGHT END??!?!!?!??

Anyway, on draft night Holland HIMSELF said Cholowski would need to spend four years at St. Cloud State University in order to develop. Yes, St. Cloud State. Where through four games Cholowski has zero goals and two assists with a -2 Plus/Minus rating.

Meanwhile, in the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE, Chychrun has scored a goal and chipped in two assists in his first five games. As an 18-year-old rookie DEFENSEMAN.


And get this, Chychrun won’t even turn 19 years old until March 31st. Hell, he is a month and a half YOUNGER than Cholowski.


There might be nothing more difficult in all of sports than to play in the NHL as an 18-year-old defenseman. There is a very short list of teenagers who have accomplished the feat. I mean, we are referencing guys like Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque and Aaron Ekblad. 

You’re talking about all-time greats and dudes who went first overall in the draft.

But Malik didn’t stop after that Friday Tweet. He wrote 800 words on his compromised blog on Tuesday continuing this same theme that it’s too early to judge the Datsyuk/Chychrun trade because there are a ton of moving parts and then once again spewed a bunch of nonsense about Cholowski:

I’ve seen Cholowski and (Filip) Hronek play, and their play is encouraging and exciting. Cholowski’s the best stick-on-puck defender I’ve seen the Wings develop in ages, and Hronek is a dashing, daring puck-rusher who simply needs to put on weight.

WHAT?!??!?!? Cholowski’s the best stick-on-puck defender he has seen the Wings develop in ages?!?!?! They haven’t developed him AT ALL. He was drafted just four months ago and he is in Minnesota playing college hockey!!!!!!

What the fuck is this LUNATIC even talking about and why is he so hellbent on defending the Datsyuk/Chychrun trade? Like, do I even need to spell this out for you?

Think about it for a second. Datsyuk’s legacy will always be intertwined with Chychrun. If Datsyuk hadn’t selfishly signed a three-year, FRONT LOADED contract to stay in Detroit and then changed his mind about his future BEFORE THE INK HAD EVEN DRIED ON THE CONTRACT there would have been no need to send his dead cap space to the desert.

And Jakob Chychrun would currently be skating in Sarnia waiting for the Wings to give him a chance to play in the NHL in 2020.

If Chychrun develops into a Norris Trophy contender in the future, fans will remember that it was Datsyuk’s fault that he isn’t wearing a Winged Wheel. So Malik is muddying the waters with talk of salary cap space, Frans Nielsen, Darren Helm and others.

Just like any good mercenary would do for his boss. At this point how can you TRUST anything that Malik writes? I wonder who else has paid for his “services.” It wouldn’t shock me to learn there was some sort of quid pro quo between Malik and the organization.




But Malik wasn’t the only Red Wings “reporter” embarrassing himself this week.

After Detroit’s 4-2 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday night, there were no fewer than THREE articles written about Steve Ott’s role in the game.

I am being serious.

The Scarf in the Freep:


Ted Kulfan in the News ….


And that imbecile child Will Burchfield on 97.1’s website ….


(And stay tuned, we are going to soon run a piece dedicated to this “frat boy” fuck’s existence.)

Yep, three articles about Ott’s “grit” on the same that evening the franchise’s prized prospect Athanasiou had arguably his best game as a pro. Double-A scored one goal, assisted on another and set up Helm on another beautiful play that should have been a goal.

Athanasiou was one of the best players on the ice all night (when he was actually ON the ice …. he played a whopping 11:29 last night) and was dangerous on almost every shift.

But did we get an article about AA’s tremendous performance? Did any of sycophants who cover this franchise mention THIS?…


Nope, instead we got more PR from Holland’s propagandists.  By the way, read Prashanth Iyer’s Tweet about 100 times and then remember that when Athanasiou is the one in the press box when Abdelkader returns from injury.

And NOT the guy who should be sitting when #8 returns.

The man who received three glowing reviews from the Detroit press.

Mainly for taking a power play away from his own team.

Fuck this city.

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