Why I’m Joining the DetroitSportsRag (Fuck @Jack)

As many of you probably know by now, both of my Twitter accounts have been permanently suspended. @JeffMossDSR (along with 15,000+ followers) was banished back in early February.

And @DetSportsRag was deleted earlier this week. I had scratched back to around 3,500 followers when that account was terminated.

This post is to notify you that in the future, the exclusive home to read my thoughts will be the DSR. This page I created back in March of 2003. While I will begrudgingly still utilize Twitter as a news aggregation tool, I will not be creating another account to post my opinions. If you want your fill of Joff Mess, it will HERE.

I have been utterly disgusted with Twitter for a long time and actually considered walking away over the last few weeks. This thread from @KenTremendous (Michael Schur, creator of “The Good Place” on NBC and FireJoeMorgan.com) pretty much sums up my feelings on that cesspool of a website.

While shitbag coward Jack Dorsey continues to allow Nazis, Alex Jones and conspiracy theorists promulgating insane stories about fake kindergarten shootings and pedophile pizzerias to Tweet their demented thoughts, national heroes like David Simon (creator of “The Wire” and “The Deuce,” among other TV shows) are systematically suspended for calling out these cunt fucks.

So Twitter made the decision easy for me on Monday. At first, @DetSportsRag was given a 12-hour timeout for “abusive behavior.” I believe this half-day ban occurred when I told that twatsicle Ivanka Trump to SHUT THE FUCK UP. When my 12-hour punishment expired, I Tweeted the following:

Of course, that Tweet was a sarcastic response to Twitter’s decision not to remove that InfoWars psychopath, charlatan Jones from their platform.

About an hour after that tepid Tweet, I was banned for the second time. From a website, mind you, that to this day allows white supremacists to Tweet photographs of the horrors of Dachau and Auschwitz to Jewish users (myself included) with impunity for ripping on their hero, Donald Trump.

And I’ve now been permanently exiled twice for what reason? Being mean to the Detroit sports media and sycophantic bloggers? For mocking the sexless Scott Anderson? For nuking a loser who has devoted his life to the Detroit Lions??? Umm, okay. I will accept that judgment, but I am not about to attempt to build my follower base again and then be subject to these hypocritical and selectively enforced terms of use.

I will hold out hope that some other nerd develops a platform in the near future similar to Twitter without the nonsensical rules.

In the meantime, I will be posting more regularly on here even if it’s only a couple hundred words at a time. No one is censoring me here and I can write whatever the fuck I want.

At this point I would call Dorsey every name in the book, but the man who created Omar Little, Marlo Stanfield, Bunk Moreland and Jimmy McNulty is much better at it than I am….