Why do Jhonny Peralta & Jose Valverde Hate Each Other

Take a look at the above video and ask yourself why everyone is congratulating Jose Valverde except for Jhonny Peralta?

And this isn’t the first time they have completely ignored each other after a victory. It has occurred multiple times this year already.  So why the hell are these dudes acting like Ricky Vaughn and Roger Dorn in the first Major League movie?

Is Valverde working with MLB on the Biogenesis case?

Does Peralta have a weak stomach and can’t handle the rollercoaster ride that is Jose Valverde?

Did Valverde dip his two-tone goatee in Molly Peralta’s nether regions?

Inquiring minds want to know. Which is why none of the eunuchs who cover the Tigers will ask these two dudes why they hate each other.

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