The Four Play App Scandal Continues

While the lawsuit between Regina Hoensheid and the people behind the Four Play football app continues, we have recently learned that the gambling teaser software founder Jeffrey Johnson has been suspended and fined for his behavior as a broker in relation to Four Play.

A website called broke the news recently that “[t]he Financial Industry Regulatory Authority suspended a former Morgan Stanley broker in Birmingham, Mich., for seven months and fined him $10,000 for failing to fully disclose his involvement in two fantasy sports start-ups.”

That broker is Johnson.

The DSR has been investigating the circumstances surrounding the bizarre story involving another financial advisor (Dominic Mirabella of Troy) winning a million-dollar prize from Johnson’s company during the 2016 NFL season that culminated with the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory.

As we have previously reported, Mirabella had to testify under oath in a deposition related to Hoensheid’s lawsuit against Johnson and the app company.

Sources have also advised the DSR that Mirabella will never receive the million-dollar payment and that Four Play made an offer of pennies on the dollar to Mirabella with the threat of bankruptcy lurking in the background.

We have not been able to confirm if Mirabella accepted that “offer,” but after our last story was posted members of the Mirabella clan might have tipped their hand by “liking” the article on social media.

That’s Dom’s wife.  When I Tweeted that Addie Mirabella “liked” my Tweet about the Four Play app, which also included information about her husband never getting the million-dollar prize, her husband “liked” that post as well …..

Strange days indeed™ (John Lennon).

Finally, the local media (Detroit News, WXYZ-7, WDIV-4, etc.) has done absolutely nothing to follow up on stories they ran in which they just accepted this incredible story at face value without any due diligence.

We will continue to get to the bottom of this story and update you as news warrants.

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