The First EVER DSR Article

By Jeff Moss and Gregg Schultz
March 18, 2003 


We all remember the days when it was so easy to be a Detroit sports fan. Most die-hard sports fans looked forward all week to the Sunday Sports Albom with Mitch Albom and some little known guy from the East Coast named Mike Stone. It was either that or the nightly WJR SportsWrap. We were so desperate for local sports coverage that we all knew the exact time that the sports were on during each local news broadcast. And even then we got more of Bernie’s Bloopers and Dare Don then any genuine information on Detroit sports.

Sure we had ESPN back then, but comparing ESPN then to ESPN now is like comparing MTV then and now. MTV does not even show videos anymore – was there anything else on MTV back then? Now every sport has a nightly recap show including two shows on NASCAR!

Now we have more alternatives to obtain sports info including two local radio stations delivering us sports 24 hours a day (except when some handyman attempts to fix your garbage disposal), ESPN2, ESPN News, Fox Sports and a plethora of Internet sites.

Which brings us to the question– Why Even with all of the increases in technology, there is still a void for Detroit sports fan to obtain information and read columns offering different perspectives. The JOA has ruined the sports sections, the columnists we have either focus on a limited agenda or their sports knowledge is lacking, the one TV show that is dedicated to local Detroit sports is run out of a studio in Seattle and even though the All-Sports stations are entertaining, they are more likely to be discussing stripper tip etiquette than local sports (not that we have anything against strippers).

We will have in-depth coverage of all our local teams with contributing articles from local sports experts and even you the reader will be encouraged to submit your articles. We also plan on accomplishing the following:

– We will monitor the local media and keep the local columnists and radio hosts honest. For example when you need a place to display your displeasure when one of our so called “expert” columnists makes the claim that Joe Dumars is going to rue the day that he gave up on Rodney White, when any knowledgeable sports fan knows that Denver could not get rid of White for a bucket of balls at last month’s trade deadline and that the only statistic that he will ever lead the league in is number of DNP’s by a lottery pick we are here.

– We will constantly update the site with new informative articles and unlike the Detroit News we will not be restricted to five paragraphs.

– We will also provide you with interesting links to other stories on the Internet relating to the Detroit sports scene.

– We will interview Detroit athletes about more then X’s and O’s. Ever wonder which episode of Seinfield is Darren McCarty’s or what is Carlos Pena’s favorite place for Chinese food is in Detroit? Probably not, but we will attempt to get the answer anyway.

– We will answer your questions regarding relevant Detroit sports topics. If you want to know the restrictions on the Pistons obtaining the Memphis Grizzlies 1st round draft pick then you are at the right place (although the local media has finally seemed to grasp this tough subject).

We have been inspired to launch this site by many positive and negative factors. The positives would include’s Page 2, the Sports Guy and Homer Simpson as Mr. X.

The negatives would be Detroit columnists fixation on one subject (don’t want to name names but his radio partner is “The Man”), Detroit columnists obsesssion on tearjerker stories about Brendan Shanahan’s twins (once again it’s not our style to attack but in some circles he is referred to as “The Little Fella”) and the overall lack of different perspectives. We know that’s like saying the restaurant has terrible food and the portions are too small, but so be it.

This website will be dedicated to the fans who realize that when you hear an announcer ask: “How many times does the baseball player who makes a great play in the field lead off the next inning?” and you know the answer is that it happens one in nine times.

Or when another announcer declares that “if Syracuse hits this free throw to put them up 13 with 12 seconds to go, it will be a five possession game” you wonder how in the hell are they going to get five possessions in 12 seconds all while their opponent must go 0 for 10 from the line.

The overall goal for this site is for the reader to be able to obtain entertaining and informative information while being able to interact with the writers. Hopefully we will be able to make you laugh and think at the same time. You can reach us at