The DSR Podcast Featuring Anthony Fenech, Lynn Henning & “Mad Dog Russo”

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By Jeff Moss
July 25, 2015

Finally, here is the much-ballyhooed DSR Podcast that couldn’t be posted as part of the “Bald vs. Evil” series due to my co-host Gregg Henson’s fear that it would get him fired as program director at 970 ESPN in Pittsburgh.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise but if you are interested in Sour Shoes from the “Howard Stern Show” pranking Lynn Henning of the Detroit News and Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press with DetroitSportsRag-related bombs then you will probably enjoy this immensely. 

I still cannot believe I was enable to enlist my favorite Stern Show wack packer to fuck with these two dolts. What a day.

Have a defibrillator on stand-by. Especially for the Fenech stuff.

Enjoy …..

And if you didn’t get enough of Sour (“I want you to go to jail for this”) on the broadcast, here are the entire audio files of his brilliance as “Mad Dog Russo.”

Sour Shoes with Lynn Henning Part #1

Sour Shoes with Lynn Henning Part #2

Sour Shoes with Lynn Henning Part #3

Sour Shoes with Anthony Fenech Part #1

Sour Shoes with Anthony Fenech Part #2

Huge thanks to Sour Shoes and his manager Bob Flowers.

I just hope Sour’s father “Frank” isn’t too upset with these shenanigans …..

And if you are a newbie to this hellhole and you want to know why we despise Fenech and Henning so much, well here is some archival assistance …..

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