After months and months of preparation, negotiation, equipment and prop purchases, the “TV show” that Channel 20 and the E.W. Scripps Company didn’t want you to see is finally here. The debut episode of the DetroitSportsRag on TV.

Now, I want to be clear something up from the Jump Street. This is NOT the show that was going to air on Channel 20 before those scumbags broke our contract to air 13 episodes. As you will see, the program had to be re-written at the very last minute after Channel 20 — by way of Channel 7 GM Mike Murri — reneged on our deal. 22 hours before the pilot was to be recorded.

It was always my fantasy to appear on the same station as the Jeffersons, A-Team and Hogan’s Heroes (that’s not a joke) but life has killed the dream I dreamed.

But I think you will still enjoy the program. I had hoped to bring this endeavor to a new audience by airing it on TV and paying for the programing but I will let the court system sort out that backstabbery of Murri, Judith Witzman and company.

Thanks to everyone who assisted in getting this thing on the “air” including Red Ox Tavern in Auburn Hills for allowing us to film there.

Anyway, pay careful attention to the graphics and surroundings. There are more Easter Eggs in this show (for diehard DSR fans) than during the celebration of Jesus’ (alleged) resurrection at Joel Osteen’s house.

So, without further adieu. Here is the car wreck.


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