So How Did Sam Martin Get Injured?

As you can imagine, I get a ton of anonymous emails from my readers and they range from tips on potential trades to dick pics of athletes. Most of the time I just ignore these messages because there is usually no way to verify if I am being fucked with or if the information is legitimate.

For example, here is an email from October of 2015 that I chose to ignore ….

At that point, NOBODY was suggesting that Calvin Johnson was going to call it quits. But I didn’t know if this guy was yanking my chain so I just chose not to publish this rumor. You win some, ya lose some.

Which brings us to earlier this week and the following email that I received …..

There is only so much vetting of this rumor that one can do but I did confirm through the DSR’s private investigator that this reader of mine did have the correct home address for Lions’ punter Sam Martin. His story checked out regarding when Martin moved in as well. Martin purchased this home for $1,050,000 last October.

Also, I can confirm Martin has a doggy.


The labradoodle ain’t half bad either.

Also, it’s not like the guy wrote me and stated for a fact that he saw Martin take a tumble while being dragged down the street by his pooch. The tipster has, in the past, merely witnessed Martin acting recklessly on a skateboard with Leo.

[Update: Another DSR reader sent me this Instagram link after I posted this article lending further credence to the wild speculation.]

[Update #2: I am being told by another reader that Martin isn’t on a skateboard. I am old. That’s actually a hoverboard which I am advised is even more dangerous!!!]

All we know is this …. Martin got injured. It wasn’t football related. And the question of how it occurred set Jim Caldwell off like a Roman candle.

Why did Comatose lose his shit? Is it because he knows that his excellent punter was acting carelessly on a skateboard this summer and that’s how Martin got injured?

Who knows? But if the Lions continue to act mysterious about these types of injuries, this kind of speculation will continue. And Martin doing his best Tony Hawk imitation on the mean streets of Troy at Big Beaver & Adams with his puppy in tow is as plausible as anything else.

Including a parasite.

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