Scandal at the Detroit Golf Club

To be quite honest, I didn’t want to report the story I am about to tell you. Since I first heard about a sexual misconduct scandal at the Detroit Golf Club in early October, I’ve done everything to ignore the sordid details because I am a huge hypocrite.

But recent events in the news have compelled me to post this article. Since I first learned of alleged improper behavior at the private country club located near the Palmer Woods Historic District over two months ago, the #MeToo movement has caught on like wildfire.

With everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer to Detroit Free Press columnist Stephen Henderson facing consequences for a variety of sexual improprieties, I basically couldn’t ignore this matter any longer.

You might be asking yourself, why did I refrain from sharing this news earlier? Look, if this disgusting story tangentially involved Anthony Fenech or Jamie Samuelsen, I would have pulled the trigger quicker than Han Solo on Greedo.

But it doesn’t. Instead, at the heart of this story is a Beaumont bariatric surgeon by the name of Dr. David Chengelis and you  don’t have to be a skilled physician to know where this is heading.

That’s not a common last name and, unfortunately, David is married to longtime Detroit News Michigan beat writer Angelique Chengelis. 

And I like the “Angel of the Big House.” We’ve never met but she has always been kind to me through social media. I am not exactly thrilled with her goofy banter on Twitter with Bob Wojnowski or the fact she dropped the ball big time on the Brendan Gibbons/Taylor Lewan sexual assault scandal a few years back, but she geninuely seems like a decent person.

Anyone who follows her on social media can tell she is dedicated to her mother’s care regardless if you give a rat’s ass about Angelique’s mom’s taste in the physical appearance of Big Ten football coaches.

So, yeah, I put off writing this article for months. But I can’t any longer.

You see, David Chengelis was not only a member of the Detroit Golf Club, he also possessed a spot on the board of directors and was its secretary.

And there is a reason I am using the past tense. On September 10, 2017, there was a disturbing incident that took place at the DGC on the day of the members only golf tournament.

I have been advised by a source that the Detroit Police Department was called regarding this matter. I am in the process of trying to confirm that with a Freedom of Information Act request.

What I do know is the incident led to an internal investigation of the DGC, headed by attorney Jeffrey Collins. The members of the club were notified via emailed letter of the outcome of that inquiry earlier today.

The following is that letter:

As you can see, Chengelis received a lifetime banishment from the club even though he had resigned back in October (which was when I first learned of these improprieties).

The golf services manager was also terminated while the Head Golf Professional was reinstated from a suspension.

According to DSR sources, Chengelis’ termination allegedly occurred because of inappropriate behavior between himself and a young female employee of the club that involved underaged drinking.

If you read the body of the letter regarding permanent policy recommendations made by Collins, it supports the story we’ve been told, that the incident involved excessive alcohol consumption and a 19-year-old female caddy.

That is all I am comfortable reporting at this time. Upon the potential discovery of a police report, I will update this matter further.

In the meantime, I am going to take a shower.

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