ReMax/PAL Naming Rights for Old Tiger Stadium Falls Through


By Jeff Moss
July 11, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, the DSR broke the news that the Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) had sold the naming rights to the Old Tiger Stadium location and the recreational facility was going to be called “The Willie Horton Field of Dreams at Re/Max Stadium.”

The sale of the naming rights for the baseball field and accompanying rec center — which will be used for inner city kids and corporate and group parties — was a coup for PAL and I was told by sources that the real estate giant had agreed to pay $3 million dollars(!!!!!!) for the naming rights at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

But the deal fell through when the politicians (including former U.S. Senator Carl Levin) who were instrumental in clearing the path for PAL to renovate the old Briggs Stadium site became queasy regarding the so-called corporatization of the project.

The endeavor has received plenty of negative feedback from people who still can’t let Tiger Stadium go even though it has been 17 years since the last Major League pitch was thrown at the dilapidated edifice.

These people seriously need to get a life and concentrate on more important issues in the world. Like police brutality, world hunger or the Zika Virus and stop their insane worship of an inanimate object.

The Detroit News reported that the PAL project needed approximately $20 million in funding and I am told that the naming rights would have gone a long way in reaching that figure.

My sources also tell me that Re/Max wasn’t exactly thrilled with the final name selection of “The Willie Horton Field of Dreams at Re/Max Stadium” but were willing to live with it. They obviously wanted Re/Max more prominently featured in the name but finally settled on that mouthful of a title.

When the politicians balked at the final name selection and told PAL to go back to Re/Max AGAIN to discuss their protest, the Re/Max executives said they had enough of the waffling and were pulling out of the deal.

So now it appears that PAL is back at square one in selling the name of the Artist Formerly Known as “The Willie Horton Field of Dreams at Re/Max Stadium.”

We will update you if we hear anything further about this ridiculousness.

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